Friday, September 26, 2008

From this Moment On....

~Here's your invitation! What are you waiting for?? Go, take your seat!!~
~Getting dressed and having a little talk with my "girls"~ ~Me and my beautiful Mother~

~Soon to be Mrs. Hill~

~Can't wait to put this on Lem's finger!~

~Minutes before walking down the aisle..a little pep talk from Daddy~

~Seconds before the doors open!~

~Escorted by Daddy down the long aisle at FBC~

~TA DA! Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel Benjamin Hill~
~Finally get to wear my wedding band!!~

~Kissing my new husband!~

~Jumping for joy, or glad that it's over?~

~Arriving at the reception~

~And they dance...~

~Daddy and Me dance to "butterfly kisses"~
~Off to the Honeymoon!~

Thanks to all of you for sharing this blogging journey with me. It has been so much fun remembering and reminiscing these last 10 years of marriage to my husband.

Something to Lem..
I love you and hope you have enjoyed each and every post! My heart and soul have been poured into this dedication for you!

Happy 10th Anniversary, my darling!!

Now...what do you think about going back to Hawaii in remembrance of our Honeymoon???? ;)



Rebekah Hudgins said...

Uh! We made it! I will never forget this day! I loved the wedding program, too. It was so well done. I remember being very impressed and feeling very inexperienced.

Happy Anniversary!
Love and hugs,

The Hill Family said...

Awww..thanks so much Beka! I am so glad that you were able to be there. That made it even more special! :)

Thanks for your dedication to my daily posts! You helped keep me going when I was really feeling too tired to post. Your encouraging words inspired me.

Love to you!!

Tracey said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hope the next ten are even better than the past ten!!! Y'all are the best ~ I'm glad we were able to share in your marriage the past ten years!!

Hope you had a great Anniversary weekend!!!

Much Love ~

Laurie from GA said...

O.K., the suspense is killing me... How did y'all celebrate? (Only the details that can be published!) Hee!

Congratulations on your first ten years with many more decades to follow!

Such beautiful pictures and memories!