Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 til we say "I do!"...

~Kim, Ang, Me, and Erin~
~Best friends since 9th grade!~ ~The boys~
~The girls~

The countdown to our monumental 10 year anniversary continues...

This post is for the bridesmaids and groomsmen that so patiently indulged our every desire on our wedding day!! We love you guys so much!! You helped complete our day in every way!

Jill's Bridesmaids:
Angela Allgood Crowe
Kim Stone Jaynes
Erin Nevers Moreau
Jessica Hill Nix
Andrea Graham Hill
Megan Christopher
Sally Christopher

Mini-Bride: Amberlee Sierra Crowe
Flower Girl: Alex Christopher

Lem's Groomsmen:
Danny Hill
Jason Hill
Darren Greene
Drew Cannon
Bert Ramsey
Mike Rutherford
Lee Crowe

Mini-groom: Jordan Levi Crowe
Ring Bearer: Austin Fowler

Something about Lem..

Lem is just a big KID! The kids in the neighborhood come and knock on our door and ask if Mr. Lem can come out and play. It's adorable!

This trait can be annoying at times, because he doesn't know when to quit fooling around and act serious! He leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes when he is in "big Kid" mode! My freshly laundered and neatly made beds become a pile of wrinkles and treated like yesterday's newspaper on the floor, after a wrestling match with the kids! (Beka understands this one by heart!) =)

He will eternally be a kid at heart, which is just another one of the trillion things that I love about him.

remaking the beds with a smile,



Tracey said...

I love the pictures...thank you for the walk down memory lane!! I had to crack up at the pictures of the groomsmen... meaning Darren!!! YOU and ALL the bridesmaids look fabulous!!!

I can't wait to see what the next 2 days hold!!!

Love you,

The Hill Family said...

You SOOOO would have been a bridesmaid if you had not lived in Germany!!!

If we ever walk down the aisle again to renew our and darren will BOTH be up there with us as attendants!!! :)


Rebekah Hudgins said...

I am laughing so hard!! Remaking the beds!! Oh my goodness. David could care less. He superman jumps on the bed and I could shoot steam out of my ears. But, the giggles from all of the kids in my house, including David, make it worth it!

I love all of these photos! I remember your wedding well. It was a very special day!

Love you!

Laurie from GA said...

What a beautiful bride and you look just the same today!

Hope you all are well!

SSI was great...but wish we could have played with y'all on the beach again!!!!