Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 days and counting.....

~Meet the newest member of the Hill little friend..isn't she cute??~

Something about Lem...

He bought me a new car today!! Now before you get too excited, it's a small car and it's used. BUT, it gets 35 miles per gallon, people!!! YES, I said 35 miles per gallon!! Can I hear a WOO-HOO!!

I am thrilled! Every time I get in my other car..the "Guzzler ', as I have so nicknamed her...I feel like I am just taking money out of my wallet and throwing it out the window. Not anymore!! We will save the "Guzzler" for trips and other family things...but for the most part my new car...(hmmmm..she needs a name) will be escorting me in it's small but practical and economically sassy self. :) Yay!

So, I am a happy girl on her happy little way in my new little friend the Hyundai Accent! Heehee!!

Thank you sweet angel!! I'm in love with YOU and HER!! :)

zoom zoom,



Tracey said...

That only took 2 months... not bad! Very smart purchase!!!

I love it!!!

Mary said...

Now that's Sassy if I've ever seen it!! How cute will you be in your new savvy ride?!? Can't wait to see it in person!!

How about "Clarkie" in honor of Clarke Howard - this purchase would make him proud of Lemmy. Or better yet - "Lem-Clarke-uel" :) Y'all are too cute!!!

Rebekah Hudgins said...

Hey Jill!!

I am so sad, I wrote you the perfect comment last night and received an error message. Deflated and feeling my creative juices dry up, I signed off. But, I have been thinking about your cute, blue zoom, zoom all day long!

I talked to you twice yesterday and no mention was made of her! Was it a surprise? How exciting!

I was thinking she is a girl, for some reason. And, she is girl with a small appetite for fuel. So, I was thinking supermodel who is like a stick figure... like Kate Moss. (minus the yucky boyfriend.)

So! What about "blue kate" or "katie blue"?

Melinda and I have so much fun with this whole naming new rides thing. I can't wait to hear her weigh in. Although, she is in Athens working on foreign policy and changing the world. But, how can she resist? Melin??

Congrats, I love her, Jill!

Melinda Williams Moore said...

Ahem. *clears throat* Yes, well, I have a VERY scientific process when it comes to naming my cars. That is, I tend to wait and let it happen organically, you know, in the moment. Like, the moment Bek & I nailed a coyote in the middle of timbuknowhere New Mexico on the way back from California. Stranded on the side of the road, Honda became known as "Coyote Killer".

Now, hopefully your car, being a girl, will have a more pleasing way of introducing you to her name. Like bumping into a flower garden, or nudging a pilates DVD or something. Not through maiming wildlife.

Congrats on your sustainable automobile, for I am jealous!

Rebekah Hudgins said...


Oh, contraire mofraire, we named "Frodo" the week you got him!