Thursday, September 4, 2008

Twenty two til we say "i do"......

"A righteous man is cautious in friendship..." Proverbs 12:26

~Oh, those silly boys.....Lem, Clint, Jason, Darren, Johnny, C.J., Chad, Chris...2006~
~ and even sillier girls...Who says we have to grow up and act all serious??~

~The girls..Kelly, Kim, Erin, Stacy, Shannon, Jill, Courtney, Collette..2007~ ~Me and Tracey~

~ Kim, Me, Courtney, Shannon, Erin and baby Alex..March 2007~

~First St. Simon's trip with friends...2001..Darren, Tracey & Riley, Mary, Chad, Me, Lem ( i was 7 mos. preggers with Joseph)~

~Another trip to St. Simons with friends...2003~ Erin, Chris, Brianna, Brent, Kim, Joseph, Lem , me~

~90210 night at Danielle's 09/02/08...Beka, Kelly, Danielle, Me~

~Best friends since 9th grade!! Erin and Me~

~Jason and Jenny~

~Kim, Shannon, Me, Erin, and baby Alex...2007~

~Jenny, Kelli, Me, Erin, Kim , Alice Dec. 2007~
~Jenny, Mary, Chad, Clint, Kelli, Jason, Lem, me~

~Ken and Barbie, the brunette stores soon! ;) a/k/a Chad and Kelly Dec..2006~

~St. Simons 2006... Me, Lem, Tracey, Darren, Jason, Jenny~

~The boys..C.J., Chad, Clint, Lem, Jason~
~The first wives club....Kelly, Me, Alice, Mary, Jenny...2006~

22 days and counting...

Okay, I am sitting down to write today's post and laughing to myself. Yesterday, Lem wanted me to show him the post for the day. As I began to show it to him, he scoffs....

"Could you not find some better pictures of me???"


Something about Lem...

He loves his friends, and he has many. I am always amazed at how well he keeps in touch with his boys. And most, if not all, are high school friends. Meanwhile, back at the ranch....I can count on one hand my high school friends that I still keep up with. I tend to be a little more private and keep a smaller ring of friends than he. Not by choice, just by nature for me...i guess. If Rockdale High would have had Homecoming King, he would most assuredly been nominated!!

Lem is always encouraging me to reach out to people and become better friends with people I meet. It just comes so natural for him to befriend someone and let them in his little world. Again, we are true opposites in so many ways. Hence, the attraction i guess. :)

Here are some pictures of a few of our closest friends. They are a HUGE part of our married life. We love them so much, and they have been through so much with us throughout the years. God has truly blessed us with these folks.


Mary said...

LOL - better pictures. . .He is so cute! And, has always been keenly aware of his appearance but never vain - what a great quality.
I don't think I've ever seen that picture from 01 @ the beach - we all look so young, spring chickens. We're still 26, right? Where did the time go???

Love you guys~ :)

Tracey said...

I am loving all the old pictures.... Mary is so right we did look oh so young.....

Tracey said...

i forgot.... I have had pictures of Darren on my blog and he has said I can't believe you would put that picture on there.... Can't you just hear that song.... your so vain.....

how adorable that they want to look good.....

Anonymous said...

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