Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eight 'til our big date....

~St. Simon's Beach July 2008~

~Taking over and showing me the ropes with our first born, Joseph..he was incredible and only 26 years young in this picture!..August 2001~ ~Daddy's little "buddy" 2002~
~Daddy's "Princess" ..December 2004~
~True love!~
~Separated at birth...heehee~

Something about Lem...

More of the same. I can't get enough of pictures with him and the children. Lem was meant to be a Daddy, and it shows.

your partner in parenting and in life,


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Rebekah Hudgins said...

There is something about your husband, watching him everyday, loving your kids. Doesn't it make you love him even more?

I love these photos of Lem, Joseph and Princess Presley. I can hardly stand it! What a good and sweet Daddy.

10 years here we come!!