Monday, December 20, 2010

Joy to the World....

So, if you have read my blog even know that I am a big fan of "tradition". I like to know what is coming. The irony of that is, I don't like making plans. I like to be able to wake up and kind of figure out where my day is going. Feeling tied down to a "plan" has never been my thing.  This bugs a lot of people, not to mention any names..... but her initials are A.N.G.E.L.A. ( my sweet and dear sister). Love you, Ang! =) This only bugs her because she is just the opposite, and I love this about her.

Anyway, traditions are different for me. I like my children to look forward to doing something that we have done before. Christmas time is a big tradition-ey time for us.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do when the calendar turns to this Wintry December month. Oh, how we look forward to these times together....

~Watching Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate
~decorating the house, every inch of it
~lighting up our trees, and lighting up our home
~presley and I making peppermint bark together...she loves to help with the smashing of the candy canes.
~wearing our new Christmas p.j's....everyone but Lem. he prefers his old fave  J. Crew sweat pants.
~Christmas with the Cannon's (Lem's cousins from NC)--so much fun. we play Dirty Santa and it gets really funny!
~addressing Christmas cards...yes, I love it. so much fun. i think about each person and family as i address them, and it makes me smile.
~receiving Christmas cards..the BEST.
~the Still Lumber Christmas party--which i hosted this year.  so much fun.
~My cookie swap...I didn't host it this year...see above. =) they were a day apart..couldn't manage both.
~no school!! need i elaborate?
~the Christmas eve service at FBC...this year we will be attending the one at our church, Eastridge.
~Waffle House every December 23rd..the eve before Christmas Eve. The kids wear their pajamas. We sit in the same booth at the Waffle House on 441 in Madison. This always is the best--plus i don't have to cook!
~Sushi at Momma Jane's on Christmas Eve...then opening presents. Chaotic and FUN.
~Christmas morning. Early rising and yelps of joy and happiness from the children. me, downing my coffee and trying to clear my blood-shot eyes. my camera is always in my hand and i am trying to catch each and every shot...of both kids faces.
~breakfast at MawMaw and PawPaw's house. yummy. then opening presents for days it seems...this can truly last until early afternoon. but, we love it.

Perhaps, these traditions will change over the years. Even if they do, new traditions will take their places.

As I was cleaning my kitchen this evening after dinner, I just kept thinking how good God is. How He sent His Son for me..for you. I feel so unworthy, because I am. The joy of Christmas is a gift. A gift from God. Thank you, Lord for the gift of joy.

my cup overflows,


Friday, December 3, 2010

Goodbye five.....

the eve of your 6th birthday..i had to get one more picture of you as a 5 yr. old

heading to chick-fil-a for our early morning birthday breakfast!

your chicken is fitting!

your donut wanted this after i had already made you 3 dozen strawberry cookies for your class..

showing off your cake to your class

your favorite classroom friends

mommy gives a good pedicure!

showing off a bit....

mommy gives a pretty good manicure too!

this was from mommy and are all about crafts!

you wanted to make your room more "fancy" mawmaw and pawpaw gave you this fancy rug

pawpaw's girl

...and she is out....7:30 pm. sweet dreams, princess~

Happy Birthday, princess....we love you so much.

still trying to figure out a way to  freeze time,


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sunshine in December....

Dear Presley~

You are growing so much and just can't even begin to tell you how special you are. When I see your little shining face in the mornings, it makes my heart melt. I hear your little footsteps coming through the kitchen, just as I am starting my early morning quiet time. I smile when I hear you coming. I know it won't always be like this. One day you will want to sleep late and I will have to beg you to get up and get dressed. But, for now...I cherish our mornings together. It is nice to have a little company at 5:30 in the morning.

My heart aches to watch you literally hurts. This morning your Daddy and I took you and Joseph to Chick-fil-a very early to eat breakfast and celebrate your birthday. (one of our little traditions) :) You and your brother wanted to ride with Daddy, so of course I obliged. As I was driving to the restaurant, tears flooded my eyes.  My mind went back to the cold December Wednesday that you were born. I will never ever forget seeing you for the very first time. You looked just as I imagined. Blond, blond hair and the bluest eyes. An angel...our December angel.

So, today is a very mixed emotions kind of day for your Mommy. I love celebrating with you, but I do not love the "growing up" part. You will understand this feeling when you have children. Your heart will no longer belong to you. Your heart will be in the palm of your children's hands. Trust me on this one.

As always, here is your little list of things that you have done this year as a 5 year old...

~started Kindergarten!
~started eating celery..and loved it! yay!
~met your best friend..Haylee Mayzurk
~took your first plane ride to Yellowstone this Fall
~started reading!
~learned to play checkers...your favorite game.
~saw real live bears when we went to Yellowstone!
~started taking gymnastics
~continued to be a rock star in soccer!
~got your very first big American Girl doll
~you still love to draw, color, and anything artsy and crafty
~your favorite thing to do when you get home from school is to play school in your room
~you love reading to your make-believe class room. :)
~you still love to help mommy cook
~we read a book every night together in Mommy's bed and every morning on the couch...just the two of us.
~you have learned 10 bible verses! so proud of you!
~your favorite restaurant is Chili's...still. (same as mine!)
~you call December your "lucky month!" ( i think we are the lucky ones, angel.)

Polar Express--2010

I look forward to what this year holds for you, sweet girl. You are our little sunshine and we are over the moon to have been chosen by God to be your Mommy and Daddy. We don't take this calling lightly. We cherish it and pray that God will guide us as we raise our sweet babies. Happy 6th Birthday, darling

blessed beyond measure,


..just a few of my favorite pics: