Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Myrtle Memories....

I cannot believe that it has been almost a month since my last post. Time really flies. As I write this, I am sitting on the couch in Mom and Dad's Myrtle Beach condo looking at the precious faces around me. Presley is to my right curled up in her handmade princess blanket, snoozing away. Joseph is to the right of her reading a brand new "Captain Underpants" book. (Unless you have a boy between the ages of 7 and 12, you probably have no clue what that is).

To the right of Joseph is my Mom. It is quiet and peaceful here tonight. We are watching "Biggest Loser" and just enjoying our time. If I listen really intently, I can hear the waves crashing against the shoreline. My goodness, God is good.

This trip has been a trip down memory lane. As a little girl, my family of four always came here for our vacations. Mom and Dad would bring us to this very same condo when we were growing up. My children are experiencing the magic of Myrtle Beach, just as we did.

The true cherry topping for this trip, was that my sister and her 2 youngest children were able to come down for a few days with us as well. So, we have Mom and Dad, Ang, Royce and Anna-Joy, and Joseph, Presley and myself. Ahhh...could it get much better?? Well, yes, only if Lem were here.

My blessings are immeasurable it seems. The real assets in life are the people around you, the loved ones that share unforgettable memories, the ones who love you at your worst. These are my people, my beloved ones.

I am honored beyond words to be a part of this family.

embracing memory lane,


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The lunch date....

I knew it would happen. Well, at least they said it would. I kind of doubted it would though. Until today.

Presley and I made a surprise visit to eat lunch at school with Joseph today. We were so excited, Chic-fil-a in hand, smiles on our faces, and ready to see his face beaming with pride and joy that we had come to bring him lunch.

As he rounded the corner into the lunch room, he saw us. He didn't flinch. He looked behind him at his friend, as if to say.... "sorry, i gotta eat with them."

My heart sank. I tried not to show my disappointment, but I was devastated. We went outside to find a picnic table. I couldn't get outside fast enough, so that I could put my sunglasses back on. My eyes were flooding with tears. My appetite had suddenly vanished.

As we sat outside and made small talk about his day, my mind was completely spinning. All that I could think about was my little boy and how little he wasn't anymore.

After we ate, he ran off to recess to play with his friends. He was so happy to meet up with them again. He had dropped me like a lead balloon.

This is how it should be. I know. I want him to have balance and friends and all that come with being a seven year old boy. I just wish it was easier on my heart.

This will certainly be just the first of many times like these. So far, I am not liking this growing up thing.

peter pan had the right idea,


Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't blink....

Monday morning, and I am having another sentimental episode. I am really trying not to dwell on the future and watching my children grow up. But gosh, it is so hard not to. Every time I look at them I see a new change in their little faces, a small maturity that wasn't there yesterday. I understand this is life. I don't have to like it though, do I?

Why do the best years seem to go by so fast? My heart is literally breaking to think of Presley going to school all day in the Fall. I have already teetered back and forth of maybe keeping her home with me, or just putting her in a half day preschool. Lem thinks that I have lost my mind. Perhaps, I have.

Being a Mom, is really all I seem to know how to do. I have to pray really hard to have balance. For example, being a good wife, a good daughter, a good friend. These things just don't seem to come as easy for me. My life is wrapped up in my kids which is probably a little (or a lot) smothering to them at times. As I write this, I can hear Presley's little voice in my head saying, "Mommy, I know you love me...I know, I know...let's talk about something else". I laugh as I think of her saying this.

Perhaps on somber days as this, it's all just hormones. Approaching my mid-thirties is a real eyeopener to what my life encompasses. I still have this overwhelming desire to have another baby. Is it just because I can't fathom the thought of not having a little one to nurture, baby, and coddle? Or is it because I feel like being a Mother is all I know how to do. What will I do when Presley is not with me all day long? Will I shrivel up and be miserable? Pacing the floor all day until my children get home from school?

My children will read this blog of ours one day. I hope they find nothing but love and happiness in the everyday life that we have together. I want them to know how special they are and how everyday with them is an absolute gift from God. I am overwhelmingly blessed by them. Their little heart-melting smiles, their tender kisses, their heavenly hugs, their charming curiosity is the most enjoyable part of each day.

I know there are many days that I take their little notions for granted. I get busy cleaning, cooking, organizing, whatever, and I miss some of these moments. These days will be there. Hopefully not many.

My heart and soul are in the pages of this blog. I hope my Joseph and Presley will find delight when reading this someday. May their little hearts feel the warmth from the love they give me every single day.

I heard a song yesterday that completely describes how I am feeling. "Don't blink" by Kenny Chesney. My throat gets a lump and my heart swells every time I hear the words to this song.

trying not to blink,


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just Presley....


Mommy, can I watch tartoons? (cartoons)

I don't lub the debold! (I don't love the Devil!)

Do you know what 100 plus 100's TWO HUNDRED! (she says this to anyone who will listen)

Mommy, I don't like your hair today. It looks weird.

I miss Daddy and his stickin up hair. (when Lem went camping for 3 nights)

Mommy, is that purple or fuchsia? (ummm, how does she know "fuchsia??")

Mommy, we are playing the team with the teal shirts. Or, is that turquoise? (wow, she is pretty perceptive with her color chart..i thought the shirts were light blue)

Mommy, I don't want to get married. I want to live here forever. Well, if I do get married, will you and Daddy live across the street? (YES!!)

Mommy, that is not fair that YOU got to marry Daddy.

Mommy, just so you know, I love God and Jesus a LOT more than you.

Mommy, quit saying that you love me so much. You are getting on my nerves.

Mommy, why do you sound like you are singing when you talk to me..just talk regular. I'm not a baby.

Mommy, I am going to marry Tristin even if he doesn't want me to. (Tristin is our 10 year old neighbor)

Mommy, you just need to sit down and relax.

Mommy, how will I know which one you are when I get to heaven? Please make sure you find me. You might look all different.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thisther, Thisther.....

~Hers and Mine...Christmas 2008~

~5th grade school picture??~
~My senior prom...she was there to see me off...of course!~
~Ang, Mom, Me..Atlantis 2007~
~My wedding Day...1998~
~Amberlee and Jordan back in the day...~
~Ang and Me 2006~
~Cheering on her oldest son, Jordan, at a Titans game...2008~
~Ang, and Mom~
~March 27, 2009...Ang's b-day celebration~
~Giving me some sweet words before I walk down the aisle~
~Ang and Presley~
~Ang and Me 2006~
~the fabulous four~

~Ang and Presley...teaching Presley to not be afraid of the water...June 2008~

Happy Birthday, Angie!!!!

My sister is my best friend. I have never known life without her, and hopefully never, ever will.

Growing up she was nicknamed, "Thisther", by me. Apparently, I couldn't pronounce my "A's", for Angie, nor my "S's" for sister. Hence, the name "Thisther" was coined for my sister by my 2 year old self.

Mom and Dad tell the story of her speaking for me. They say that I would mumble and babble (perhaps that hasn't changed much), and Angie would have to interpret my dialogue. I would say something like this: "Memulluofoieudo", and Angie would expertly interpret this to my parents as "She wants her animal crackers and juice". I would then gleefully smile and clap because she had understood my needs.

Poor Angie, she had to grow up fast when I was born. She probably had a hard time tolerating my needy ways. I clung to her like adhesive. My little world was perfect when she was around. I really had no need for anyone else because she was my everything. My defender, my interpreter, my playmate, my teacher, my sister. The funny thing is, she still is all of those things to me.

One of the funniest stories that she loves to tell about our childhood is when we would eat dinner together at our table. Inevitably, I would always need to get up and go use the restroom. Well, for some reason, Angie had "wiping" duty. I remember all too well, sitting on that little potty, and screaming at the top of my lungs, "THISTHER, I'm fru, I'm fru!" Which meant, yep, you got it...she had to come and wipe me. I remember she would hold her nose with disgust as she diligently fulfilled her "wiping" task. I looked at her with my little admiring eyes, and just smiled. Looking back, she probably didn't like me smiling at her at such a time.

My memories and stories could fill a thousand books. We have shared some of the best moments of my life. Unforgettable moments.

Our children are the best of friends. Nothing could be sweeter than this. I love her children like my very own, and she mine.

She is the first person that I call about anything. (assuming my Mom wasn't available). ;) They are my two people who always get the "first" phone calls regarding....anything.

She and I could not be more opposite in personality. I secretly envy her humor, candor, friendliness, and magnetism with people. Everyone loves her, and I do mean everyone. She just has that quality that draws you in, and your are there to stay. She is just so much fun. I am a complete and utter bore without her. I often think, "What would Angie do in this situation to make it fun?" Alas, I never come up with anything. Nobody will make your side split from laughter like her. I have a hard time wearing anything but waterproof mascara around her. She makes me laugh uncontrollably. In fact, I am blaming her for my laugh lines. She single handedly caused 95 percent of them.

I love you, Angie! You know how much you mean to me. I apologize profusely for my countless and often pointless phone calls to you. You just bring so much life and fun into my little existence. Just hearing your voice makes me happy.

forever in your shadow, and happy to be there,


Priceless Pictures....

~Walking out the door to head to church...they were extra sweet this morning to each other. Presley was so excited for her big brother! She kept asking if we would please make sure to come and get her from her class so that she could watch! We did, of course.~

~This is a picture of everyone that joined us this special day...from left: Chris Moreau, Lee, Danielle, and Eli Copeland, Mary, Audrey and Sloane Balicki, Erin, Nicholas and Alex Moreau, Jane Hill, Jessica and Danny Nix, NaNa Terri and PaPa Danny, Joseph, Jason and Graham Hill, Lee, Angela, Jordan, Amberlee, Royce, and Anna-Joy Crowe, PawPaw Allgood and MawMaw Allgood, and Elan Crowe.

~Our little family of four~

~Joseph is being prayed over by Pastor Scott Moore~

~Just about to go under the water...~

~Coming out of the baptismal water...~

Here are a few of the special shots from Joseph's big day. Enjoy!