Monday, September 22, 2008

Four days and counting....

A tale of two families...

~All of us!~
~The love birds!~ ~Lem, Ang, Me~
~ A smooch from his momma~

Forgive me for skipping day five...sometimes life just MUST come before blogging! Hopefully this post will be worth the delay....

The Proposal...

Lem proposed to me on February 6, 1998. I had actually thought that the "question of my lifetime" was coming the Christmas right before, but alas... no ring. Then, January rolled around, and I thought A-HA, he will propose on my birthday on January 31st!!! Ummmm, wrong again.

By this point, I had it all figured out... it would be on Valentine's Day!! Of course!! I thought that would be so sweet and of course memorable!

Well, Lem had other plans. Lem told me that we were going to a surprise birthday party for Megan Christopher..(one of my bridesmaids and dear family friend). It was a Friday night, so I had just gotten off of work. I really wasn't looking my best at all that day. And the pictures prove it!

Anyway, we headed to Reynolds at Lake Oconee where the party was to be held. The Christopher's had a gorgeous lake house and that was where the party would be.

We arrive, and not a soul was there. He said we were to arrive early to help set up or something...memory is foggy on this.

Walking in the door, he heads straight to the bathroom, and says that he will be right back. I lazily plop down on the couch, and take in the sight of the breathtaking view of the lake.

Lem walks back in and heads to the couch to join me. Or atleast that is what I thought.. but instead of sitting next to me, he drops to one knee. My heart is racing and just about to beat out of my chest! What, Here, HuH?? I am so flabbergasted I could barely hear what he was saying! You know when you know that something big is happening, but you can't seem to focus because of the enormity of the moment?? I could hear him, but it was like he was far, far away talking to me. (Childbirth is the same kind of experience..kind of out- of -body in a weird, yet magical way)

He said the sweetest words that I had ever heard up until that 23rd year of my life.
I will save those for just the two of us! Sorry, people..but I have to keep some things on the down-low!

After slipping that shiny, sparkling ring on my shaking finger, I hugged him as tightly as I could and said, or actually screamed a resounding..YESSSSSSS!!

We talked and laughed and cried for a few moments and then he said he wanted to take me to dinner.

"What?..oh okay", I say. I am secretly dying because I want to call my mom and my sister so bad that I can't stand it! I am thinking to myself.."How am I going to wait until after dinner to tell them..ughh...Dilemma, with a capital "D"!!

We get in the car and I try to quickly call them from my cell phone. NO ONE was available!! Oh well, I thought..I guess I will try after dinner. :(

After arriving at the Reynold's Club House for our dinner, we happily walk in. I am bumping into things because I can't keep my eyes off of this beautiful thing that has now taken up much-wanted residence on my left ring finger!! I must have looked like a grinning Cheshire cat!

The hostess takes us to a back room and I happen to finally look up...... lo and behold...before my very eyes..

My WHOLE family is there waiting for us and congratulating us!!! HIS family, and the Christopher family as well!!!

I was ECSTATIC!! How could this be?? My mind is did they know?? How did they pull this one over on me?? When, What, Where...HUH???

Needless to say, it ranks as one of the highest points of my entire life!

Something about Lem..

I love you, Lem. You STILL never cease to surprise me in your own special and unique way.

You knew me well enough to know that I would want my family with us on this night. In the words of the great Christina Aguilera..."What a man, What a man, What a man.....what a mighty GOOD man!!"

loving your surprises,



Mary said...

How sweet!!! :) I knew the basics of how it all went down but loved hearing each and every detail again. He clearly loves to surprise you, Jill, that's very endearing!!! Very true about the proposal and not really hearing their words because you can't begin to take in the enormity of the moment. . . oh to be twenty-something again. :)
I had fun tonight!
love you,

Tracey said...

I love engagement stories!!! How sweet they are!!! I would agree that those moments are a huge fog!!!

What are all of us going to do when your count down is finished?