Friday, September 19, 2008

Seven 'til our day of heaven....CORNY..i admit...

~Now we know why the good Lord took his hair away...Ha!~ ~The Hill Family..da na na na, dun dun, da na na na, dun dun...they're creepy and they're spooky, they're all together ooky..and people think their kooky...The Hill family..da na na na.....~

~Snow White must have lost her dwarfs...look at that face!~


What a week this has been! First of all, I want to thank my sweet Lord and Savior for the blessings that He has so graciously bestowed upon me this week. My eyes are open to a whole new realm of understanding for Him. Never will he cease to inspire me and keep my mouth wide open in awe of His grace and mercy and most of all patience with me. Thank you sweet Lord, I am yours for the taking.

Okay, now on to the countdown...

7 is my favorite number!! And now, here we are already at seven!! I think I am going to miss this daily countdown...well, then again maybe not. My little fingers could use a rest.

Something about Lem...

So, you know the guy likes to have a good time. He will do things at the expense of feeling dumb, just to appease me. This past Halloween was no exception. My mom had a Halloween party last year, and yes...he dressed up. Kicking and screaming I may add, but he loves me, so he obliged.

He was a redneck beyond rednecks. Mullet and the whole shebang. Love him!! He actually thought it was pretty cool having a full head of hair full a day! (HIS words, not mine!)

And I bet my favorite Mac lip gloss that he will be just a good of a sport this year! (Nothing like putting him on the spot!)

mullet and all, you're still mine,



Tracey said...

I pulled up your blog and saw Lem and screamed Darren come look at this....
He came in here and took one look and started laughing....i love this picture!! I would love to go to a Halloween party and dress up but I don't think Darren would ever go for it!!
You're a Lucky girl!!


Rebekah Hudgins said...

You guys take the cake for world's cutest family!

7 is without a doubt my favorite number, too!! Forever!! I love it!
You are my soul mate, Jill! :) I heart you.

I love the countdown, too. I am just going to enjoy it to my heart's content and not dread the end. Bittersweet for you, I know.

In the words of Sloane Balicki, Happy Day!!