Saturday, September 6, 2008

Twenty days to go....

~Los Angeles, and Santa Monica area...visited C. J. and Alice ...i was 5 mos. preggers 2004~
~Felton, CA visiting my aunt and uncle..we are standing inside of a Redwood Tree...2003~
~Breckenridge, Co...2000~

~Nassau, Bahamas...2002~

~Maine trip 2000~
~New York, December 2001~
~San Francisco & Napa Valley trip 2003~

~Scotland trip (Lem and Jason golfing at St Andrews) 2000~
~Breckenridge, Co. Trip 2000~

~New Orleans..6 mos. before Katrina hit...2005~ ~Boston, Mass. 2000~

20 days and counting..

Something about Lem...

So, I admit, this is harder than I thought. Finding nice things to write about him, isn't hard, but the time it takes to write every single day IS hard. Whoa. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew!!

Here we go, anyway...

Lem is a traveling man. One of his greatest passions is seeing the world, and all before we turn 40! He doesn't want to wait until we are retired like most sane folks, he wants to see it all while we are young enough to have fun doing it! Me, on the other hand.....well....I love seeing different places and staying at different hotels....but the flying...not so much. :( Every time I get on an airplane I think to myself....Okay, this is my last flight. We are all going to die and I will never see my babies again. Dramatic, I know.

With this said, he will not take my excuse of the kids being too small for us to travel, or any other excuse I can conjure up not to fly. I am always saying..." hey!! how 'bout a road trip??" Not cutting it with him. In his eyes, if you can't fly getting there, then it is not worth seeing. Yikes. So, Xanax in hand, I half-heartedly and knee-shakingly oblige.

born without wings,



Michelle Chapman said...

Jill! I honestly could have written this blog myself! You and Lem have been to a lot of the same places as Dustin and I! We have the same photo at Cheers in Boston Mass. and the same one of us in a Redwood tree in CA! It felt surreal reading this! We LOVE to travel as well...(I, more than Dustin). And neither one of us can stand to fly! We both have to take Xanax and we both think that it will be our last trip :) We hold on to each other for dear life when taking off and landing :) I think I pray more on a plane then any other time :) We need to all go somewhere together sometime...I am dying to go to Italy!!! BUT, we don't take the kiddos! Off to finish packing :) Have a great week!

Mary said...

y'all are too cute, jill. love all the photos - what fun!!
i drink out of my "hollywood" mug this morning. . .the one that you brought back to me from your trip in '04, that was so sweet of you to think of me. you are still to thank for my deep and wide love of coffee, even though i still sweeten like a 12 year old. (don't think i'll ever outgrow this). what's your secret, oh grasshopper? ;)

Melinda Williams Moore said...

Aw, man, I know EXACTLY where you were standing in the SF shot of you too.

I am extremely jealous of the Scotland trip. Does Lem own the "1,000 Places to See Before You Die" book? I bought it and I am a bit anal about marking off each place.

These posts are fabulous!

The Hill Family said...

Melinda...he DOES have that book!! That's hilarious! I haven't seen it in years..but it is a National Geographic book, right??

We need to find it and start marking places off like you said...ofcourse, then that will mean he will become even more anal about traveling the world before we turn 40..which means a WHOLE lot of Xanax for me...good grief.