Saturday, September 20, 2008

6 days and counting..

~My dear friends...Collette, Me, Andrea & Courtney~

~The kitchen table with the LIFE game on it...they forgot to clean it up..but it's okay!~

Last night I had a much needed girls night! We laughed, ate, laughed and ate some more!! Thanks to Courtney for hosting this at her beautiful home! Special thanks to the husbands as well for letting us be silly girls..(and i DO mean silly).... and get away for a few hours.

I love you girls so much, and can't wait to do this again! Thank you Collette, for trusting your beautiful mane to my unskilled hands. (we went to wal-mart and got some hair color and did her hair!) She is so sweet to trust me so much. I have to say that she did look FABULOUS after our little hair session!

These girls know me and my love for transforming whatever and whoever I can get my hands they let me indulge my make-over fantasies from time to time. NONE of them need any kind of transformation whatsoever, but they are sweet to let me experiment.

Something about Lem...

He knows how much I love and need some girl time, and he happily agrees to help with the kids to make this happen. In fact he often encourages me to go and have some girl time while he watches the children. I know this is a rare quality and I am so extremely grateful and thankful for it!

When I came home, the kitchen table had our LIFE INDIANA JONES game on the table. I couldn't help but smile at the thought of the 3 of them playing a game last night together. What a daddy!!

refreshed and rejuvenated,


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The Parkers said...

Thank you for my make-over, my dear friend! Kirk mentioned Friday and yesterday how nice it looked -- you are talented and I trust you with my hair (or anything else for that matter!) any day of the week.

Thanks for a fun night. I owe you a Starbucks.