Wednesday, September 3, 2008

23 days and counting....

"How handsome you are, my lover! Oh, how charming!"... 1:16 Song of Songs

~Christmas of 1996...our first Christmas together~
23 days to go!
This was our first Christmas together. The picture was taken at my sisters house in December of 1996.
Something about Lem...
Lem is a great shopper! He has bought me countless outfits and i loved each and every one. The outfit in the above picture was one that he bought for me! From the beginning, he would buy me shirts, sweaters, here and there...and i have to say...the man has good taste!
Before ever leaving the house, i always have to have his approval on my outfit. He is sweet, yet honest. He will either say, "that's not my favorite", or "oh, yeah!" Lol!
People are always complimenting him on his clothes. I have to admit, i get a little jealous because he gets more attention than i do in this department at times. But, i am proud of him for knowing how to put things together and what looks good. Not many men are good at this.
Until tomorrow...
still digging for old pictures,


Rebekah Hudgins said...

I want of sip of what you are drinking in this photo. I think it is some "forever young" tea. You guys look great and your perfect hair, per Danielle. :)

I can't wait to see you both on Saturday. Talk about "triple toe touches." I love saying triple toe touch and typing triple toe touch. It makes me smile from ear to ear.


The Hill Family said...

i can't quit laughing about lem's braided belt in the biker picture..that was HILARIOUS! thanks for pointing that out!

Michelle Chapman said...

Hey Jill! LOving your new's so pretty :) You and Lem are just too cute...I have been wanting to put up some pics of Dustin and I from way back when, but I would have to scan them and that's just too much work! :) I might do a few when it get's to our anniversary...

I think Dustin and Lem are going to get along VERY well! I feel the exact same way about Dustin and his outifts! He gets WAY more compliments than I! We went to a b-day part a few weekends ago and my best friend said that her friend, who is Jill Barrett said, "Michelle's husband, Dustin looked like he just stepped out of the pages of a magazine...He is just precious with his little pink shirt, khaki pants and what about them shoes! What guy dresses like that"? I was like, "What about me"? :)

It does take him quite awhile to get ready though...and he will change his outfit 3 or 4 times most days...(he would die if he knew I told you this :)

Looking forward to tomorrow's post...