Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Copeland's little Miracle.....

~I think i need ONE more!~ ~Look at his sweet face..he was not liking the flashes after about the 95th photo!~

SOMEBODY dunk me in some ICE WATER......and QUICK....yes, I too have fallen victim to BABY FEVER!!

After a visit to see the newest addition of the Copeland family, James Eli Copleland, I have once again been bitten by the "want a baby and NOW" bug!
Let me just say that he is not only beautiful from his head to his feet..(Danielle went to change clothes and I secretly took a peak at his feet...y'all know I HAD to!!) but he is so sweeeeet!!! Barely a sound he made as I held him and rocked him and adored him! He likes me, I just know he does! He smiled twice while I was holding him, twice!!! I hear all of you now saying as you roll your eyes....."it was just gas"...but NO, it wasn't...i know the difference!

So, without adieu, I will say that I too am head over heels in love with this little guy. I have fallen prey with the rest of you and your love for him as well. When I pulled out of her driveway, my arms started to ache from missing that sweet thing in my arms.

Well, rest assured, I will be seeing this angel again really soon!

Danielle, your a pro. I am in awe of your confidence in being a first time mother. Looking at you brought back a flood of memories when I was puddled up on the floor after I got home from having my first born. I had none of your confidence or poise at this stage of motherhood. You truly are a ROCK STAR!! Go ahead, take a bow!!

I love you to pieces, sweet angel. Remember...Mon, Wed, and Fridays...I'm YOURS!!

dreaming of that sweet face tonight,

p.s...we both decided that he got his blond eyebrows from me! i promise i used to be a natural blond!! ;)


Mary said...

We-ll!! That might be my favorite post of all time and Boy, can I relate!!!!
He's precious and you guys look so cute together - don't worry, Love, you can hold the baby that I now have to have because of Eli! ;)

Forever bonded by Baby Miracle,

Rebekah Hudgins said...

TOES!! Aren't we just hopeless about the toes? They are adorable!! I laughed out loud when you logged your sweet pigs report.

I think Eli has a fan club, ladies. Eli's coming, you better hide your heart, girls.

Love and more love,