Monday, September 15, 2008

Eleven days and counting...

~This is Lem sleeping in his new hammock this past weekend. Yes, he slept there all night~ ~Just another hobby~

I have so much to blog about today..where to start?? The most EXCITING news of the day is that Danielle and Lee had their sweet baby boy..Eli on Saturday night!! He is the most beautiful little boy!! So far, I have only seen pictures..but I hope to take them dinner on Wednesday evening..(my poor attempt at getting my hands on that baby!) :)

If that wasn't enough good news for one weekend, Alice and CJ had their baby boy on Sunday morning! It was a weekend for babies! Probably had a little something to do with the full moon...or at least that's what the old wives tales say!

Congratulations to both of you!! Lem and I are thrilled for you, and can't wait to come and visit those angels.

In other news, I have slacked off this weekend with my countdown..sorry guys. I am back at it today, though! (thanks to my faithful friend and blog reader Tracey...i LOVE YOU!!!)

Something about Lem...

I have a nickname for him...well, actually i have many..but one of them is "Hobby Man". Since we said "I do", Lem has been through many hobbies. Not only does he "get into" the new hobby, but he researches, buys expensive equipment, and pretty much engrosses himself into his temporary obsession.

Most of you know that Lem is very, very obsessive compulsive in a LOT of areas. I always feel slack around him, because he just is a perfectionist. This side of him really shows when he finds a hobby. He is so loyal and gives it so much of his time....then he moves on. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are left with equipment, gear, etc...which collects dust in the basement. The hobby obsession usually lasts about a year, then he's done and on to the next we go again.

If I had a dollar for every time that I say.."I love you, darling..but could you just stick to something??"...i would be a VERY rich girl.

Of course, then all seriousness replies......"Well,'re just jealous that I HAVE a hobby and you DON'T!!"

Okay, you got me there.

The following is a scant list of some of the hobbies that he has so eagerly jumped into...and just as eagerly jumped out of!


~Paint ball ( yes...Paintball!!...ummm...this is like for teenagers.)

~dirt least favorite choice. he came home dirty and bruised and just plain icky.

~golfing..he actually still loves this ..but it's still a hobby none the least.

~camping..his newest hobby...see the above pictures. He actually camped out in his hammock this past weekend...right out in the yard!! Obsessive much?? Hearing coyotes all night long didn't stop him from trying out the comfort of his camping hammock! (whoever heard of a hammock for camping, anyway?? is this really roughing it???)

I know there are more hobbies that I hav missed..Lem if you are reading this, please feel free to add to the list.

Well, this sums up my little adventurer. He will be forever and always my "Hobby Man".

still looking for my hobby,



Tracey said...

Yeah.... your back!!! This made me laugh out takes a lot to make me do that!!
I hope he sticks with this hobby b/c Darren loves to go hiking with him!!

Congratulations to the CJ and Alice and Danielle and Lee!!! I want to hold the babies!!

Rebekah Hudgins said...


I am sure the hammock tent is here to stay, for sure!!
Lem is adorable.

I have known you both forever, but I am really glad to have a much better understanding of your love and life together-- through the blog and in person.

Love you both!!

Mary said...

LOL!!! This post is too cute for words.

I think I have another one you might have missed, I have 2 words for you (to quote your husband) -

He'd say,
"Bow Flex, Baby"

Ha!!! Remember???

Love you guys!!! :)

The Hill Family said...

how could i forget..the bow flex!! Haha!!!! Hilarious!!

thanks for the reminder!!