Monday, September 8, 2008

Eighteen and counting...

"Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.." Proverbs 17:6

~Granny Hill and her grandchildren..Graham, Joseph, Presley, Danny, William and Ashley July 2008~

~Graham and Presley pushing Granny in her wheelchair...2008~
~Granny, Joseph and Presley having a good time..2008~ ~Granny Hill and Presley (3 weeks old)..2004~

Presley, Jessica, Lem, and Granddaddy Still..Easter 2005~

~Granny Hill, Joseph and Presley 2005~

~Aunt Nancy, Mymama Still, Granddaddy Still, and Mommy Jane...Christmas 1998~

~Granddaddy and Mymama...i love how he is looking at her...1998~
~Granddaddy and Mymama Still~
~Granddaddy and Me at an engagement tea party hosted by Mymama Still before we were married..August 1998~
Something about Lem.....
Lem is the product of the love and support from all of the above people...his grandparents.

To say that his grandparents influenced his life, would be a major understatement. They played a monumental role helping to develop Lem into the man that I fell in love with 12 years ago


Lem encompasses all of the best and finest qualities of these distinguished people. I can't imagine my life or his life without them. They have played an eminent role in our lives and the lives of our children.

Unfortunately, Lem's paternal grandfather (Joseph Jesse...Joseph (our sons) namesake) passed away before we met. I have heard countless stories of this man, though. From what I hear, Lem has MANY of his qualities as well. He was quite a character from the stories that I hear. I am sorry that I never got the chance to meet this wonderful man.

Granny (Lem's paternal grandmother) is by far the sweetest lady I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have done a post on her in the past so I won't go into too much detail. But, I will say that she is truly an angel on Earth. I love this woman with all my heart, and am so thankful that my children know her as well. What a blessing!

Lem's maternal grandparents, Mymama and Grandaddy were also very special to us. We loved hanging out with them any chance that we got. When we first got married, we would eat dinner with them on Friday nights. Lem liked calling them for dinner because they always paid. :) They loved Victorian House in Conyers, so at least once a month we ate there with them.

I have never seen anyone love another human being like Grandaddy loved Mymama. The man was head over heels smitten for that precious woman. Theirs was truly a love story like no other. I could literally write a book on their romance and their epic life story. When Lem gets upset with me, I always cry and say.."Why can't you just love me like Grandaddy loved Mymama??!!" And he replies..."Act like Mymama and I will treat you like that!!" And then I reply.."Treat me like that and I will act like her!!"

Grandaddy passed away in 2006, and Mymama died the very next year in 2007. Mymama died the day before it would have been Granddaddy's birthday. We all said that Grandaddy would get the grandest birthday present ever in heaven with Mymama's homecoming.

I can't even begin to express how much of a presence they were in our lives. We miss them daily, yet we know that now they will never be away from each other again.

So, that's my story about Lem for the day. He is "Lem" because of all of these choice and paramount folks. Thank you Lord for his heritage and the prayers that made him the man he is today.

with happy tears of remembrance,


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Rebekah Hudgins said...

Won't it be great to see everyone we love again one day? For now, it is wonderful that you have such special inspiration and memories.

Love you guys,