Friday, September 12, 2008

14 and counting..

~All of Us...Fall 2007~
Something about Lem..
Lem has an awesome family. Jason is Lem's oldest sibling, and he is married to Andrea. They have 2 beautiful children, Graham and Ashley. Jessica is Lem's twin sister and she is married to Rob. They have 2 handsome boys, William and Danny.
We love spending time with all of them every chance we get. Lem is fortunate to be able to work with his Dad and his brother! Pretty neat-o!
In the summertime we all try to make a trip to the beach. I blogged about our last trip which was in July. The kids enjoy each other so much. :)
happy to be a part of the family,

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Tracey said...

I love Lem's family! Your lucky to have them!! :)
But I think they are the lucky ones... having you!! ;)