Monday, November 29, 2010

Sugar and Spice....

As I was brushing Presley's hair tonight, she out of the blue says..."Mommy, I try really hard to be's just SO hard!" I giggled. I promptly replied that I can relate to how she feels. Being nice takes every ounce of effort sometimes...i get it.

Love my girl and her candid heart.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fanciful Fun....

My little Fancy Nancy!

This fancy  nancy loves to pose!

Joseph & Fancy Nancy head to school!

Karoline and Presley aka "Fern and Fancy Nancy"

Sarah and Presley both as Fancy Nancy

I just love our schools. This week was book education week and each day was something fun for the children. Friday was book character dress-up day. Of course, Presley chose Fancy Nancy! (as well as about 95% of the other little girls at school!)

a splendiferous day,


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Viewer Beware...

~Halloween 2010~

viewer disclaimer: Scary costumes ahead!
the witch and the scary skeleton

Kim, Cali (the veterinarian), and Griffin (the gangster)

Presley, Cali, Anna-Joy, Royce, Joseph, Griffin

silly kiddos

Happy Halloween from one scary bunch!

taking a break while trick or treating...presley getting sleepy

my Halloween cookie pizza

anna-joy eats pizza before heading out..she is a UGA gymnast

amberlee doing presley's witch make-up

presley was LOVING the make-up and hair

also celebrating Kim's birthday

riding home from all the tired little witch

I LOVE Halloween! This year we celebrated hard by trick or treating 2 nights! On Saturday night we trick or treated from some friends from Madison...the Cardwell's. Joseph is good friends with John and me met up at their house and trick or treated in downtown Madison. Very fun!

On Sunday, the 31st, we headed to my sister's house and trick or treated there with the Jayne's as well. It has been our tradition the last couple of years to trick or treat with them and we love it. You guys KNOW how I love "traditions".

We had a spooky good time!

Happy Halloween friends,