Friday, September 9, 2011

Trimming the fat...

Fun Friday. We meet again.

So, here's what I have learned this week.

I have zero control. Zero.

God and only God directs my steps. I can plan and plan and plan, but if it's not where God is leading, I am wasting my energy and my breath.

I have issues with gripping things and people..white knuckled..for dear life. 

If I hold on tight enough, maybe, just maybe, I have control. Maybe if my grip is tight enough, I can keep my loved ones in complete isolation from pain. From the world. From danger. From anything that is not on my list of approved safety features.

Nope. Not even Hercules has that kind of control.

But God does.

God is showing me, albeit the old-fashioned-hard way, that trusting in HIM is more than just words.

It is action. It is obedience. It is going against that ugly flesh of mine and submitting my trust to Him alone.

Child-like faith. That's what He wants from me.

He is taking that big shiny knife of His and trimming the fat from this heart of mine. He wants a clean and lean heart. A heart that serves Him and trusts Him. A heart that obeys him.

Gosh. Hard.

But, guess what?

I can do hard things, remember?

So can you.

undergoing heart surgery,


1 comment:

SouthMainMuse said...

You have no fat on your heart. Or on your thighs. I've run behind you. This was great.