Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love Dare Day 9....

Good morning, friends. Yesterday was tough, I admit it. My tongue is my worst enemy at times. It gets away from me a whole lot.

Did you find that it was hard to hold your tongue? Especially when you are "dared" to do it? I did!

We may have to visit this dare again, just so we get it nailed down. (don't hate me.)

Okay, moving on to today....

Day 9:

Forgiveness. Such a powerful word. It's powerful to our hearts too. When we choose to forgive, our hearts are free to love and receive love.

But, guess what? When we choose not to forgive, our hearts are bound and unable to fully love or receive love. Ouch.

Today, I want you to forgive your husband for any past, present or future hurts. Yes, I am serious.

You don't have to vocalize this to him...unless you want to of course. However, I do want us to take our hurts to the one and only Healer...Jesus. Lay those hurts at His feet and leave them there.

This isn't meant to dredge up any old hurt or wound...but instead to apply the ultimate healing balm to these scars. Even scars that are yet to be.

Pray unceasingly today for God to heal your heart of unforgiveness that you may be holding on to regarding your spouse. Ask God to show you any areas that you may even be unaware of that you are holding a grudge. Oh, trust me, He will show you! Been there, done that. :)

The goal in this love dare journey is that our hearts become more like HIS--Jesus Christ--our Savior. Through honest prayer and true obedience to Him, our hearts will be transformed. Transformed heart=transformed marriage.

Praise Him.

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." Ephesians 4:32

unloading all this baggage and leaving it at the feet of Jesus,


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