Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daily Bread....

"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men." Luke 2:52


This is our memory verse for the week. It hit home with me in a big way. Not at first, but the more I discussed the meaning with my children, the more God was showing me what it meant.

It made an impression on my heart  because this is exactly what I want at the end of each day. I want to grow in some way closer to my Lord. Most days I fail miserably because my flesh gets the best of me.

Each day brings new challenges, and sometimes the growing pains just plain hurt. Badly.

The part that really gets to me is that "Jesus grew". He didn't just come across it, he grew into it.

How awesome is that? This gives me hope that I can grow into wisdom and stature too.

I told my friend Rebekah on the phone yesterday that I feel like lately God is continually beckoning me to grow with Him. To dwell in His presence even when I think I don't need to.

A lot of times I am guilty of thinking.."Okay, I got this. I'm good for now, Lord. Thanks!"

But, He wants me to continually draw close to Him. It's like eating a big meal and thinking you will never be hungry again. Your stomach is so satisfied and so content that you can't imagine eating again.

Three hours later you are hungry again. (1.5 hours if you are me!)

When we are spiritually hungry, He will feed us. However, we must keep going to Him daily for nourishment. Even when we think we are full, we aren't.

Revelation city for me. I mean, He is truly teaching me this lesson at this very moment of my life.

I was just flipping back through my prayer journal. It's like looking at a corn maze from the top. It's clear as a bell from this view. Now I can see where He was leading me with the cries of my heart.

However, when I etched those words in that small leather journal, my heart was in prayerful anticipation and hope. When you are desperately praying and seeking, it's like being inside of a corn maze. You have no idea where the end is. You just keep going and praying for His guidance. Knowing full well that one day you will see the purpose in it all.

There are no short cuts. You have to go the long and winding route to get to that glorious end.

I like short cuts.

God likes the long scenic route.

Guess I better pack a cooler and a lot of snacks.  It's gonna be a long ride.

The final destination will be worth every bump.

riding shot gun,


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