Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Next to Godliness...

you can find this at your local Trader Joe's.  thank me later.
I am always on the look-out for a good cleaning product. Preferably, one that won't singe my lungs with it's pungent smell. Or, pollute my children's little delicate bodies with dangerous chemicals. Chemicals that will remain dormant until they hit their mid-thirties, and then they will suddenly have off the wall, wacky, unexplainable symptoms. Symptoms that they will trace back to their mother's cleaning products.

(i think i may be on to something here...maybe this is what's wrong with me? sorry, mom.)

Okay, moving on.

After noticing cloudy spots on my green granite counter tops, I decided to try a different cleaning solution. Being the cleaning product junkie that I am, I reached under my sink and grabbed a green bottle at the back of the cabinet. 

I had completely forgotten I had bought this...a LONG time ago. Why was it still under my sink?

Oh yes- I remember.

I keep all cleaning products because you just never, ever, ever  know when you may run out of said product and need more. You can never have too many cleaning products. Right?

 (I think I may have a cleaning product hoarding issue. Shoot. Add that to my list.)

On with the story.

I sprayed this green stuff on my counter tops and VOILA!! No more cloudy!

I sprayed and sprayed and wiped and wiped. Oh the feeling of clean counter tops! It never ceases to make me smile! Clean is a good, good thing.

(yes, issues people. i have lots of issues.)

After my glorious cleaning episode, I turned the bottle around and read the directions for usage. My heart started pounding. Beating out of my chest. I hope this was okay to use on granite. Yikes. I was imagining my counter tops cracking and falling apart and getting my husband's wrath over my lack of label reading.

Thank goodness!

 It was okay to use. Not only was it okay to use, but it is also good for mirrors, oven tops, walls, sinks, and many other household items.

Praise the good Lord!

Which by the way, brings me to the product's name..."Next to Godliness". 

 *cue the angelic choir*

I think we have a keeper, folks.

Now, if only I can bring myself to clean out the rest of the crap under that sink.

Maybe tomorrow.

Today, I will rest in the thoughts of my clean to godliness clean.

shiny and new,


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