Monday, August 29, 2011

Back-seat conversations....

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

This is our Monday memorization verse for the week. I like it because it's a little less wordy than last week.

Less is good.

Very good for my very bad memory.

As we are discussing it in the car on the way to school, I ask the kids to think about what gifts they think God has given them to share with the world.

Silence. (A rare sound in our car.)

Okay, so it's a little harder to come up with your own special gifts that God gives you. Isn't it?

Think about it.


I decide to change the question to this:

What do you think each other's gifts are?

This they can do.

After sharing some sweet conversation with each other about their gifts (again, a rare moment), they change the focus to the gym-clothes- pony-tailed- no-make-up-woman in the front seat.


Oh boy. I never ever know what my kids are going to say about me. Sometimes it can be really kind, but most of the time it can be brutal. I always cringe when Joseph says: "Mommy, you are so _________."

My palms were sweaty. This would be interesting. What did they think their Mommy's gifts from God were?

I knew this conversation would make or break my Monday morning.


Presley said (and I quote): "drawing (???), writing, and taking care of kids."

Okay, that was sweet. I can handle that.

Then it was Joseph's turn.

"Mommy, you are good at noticing things."

That's it??

Alrighty then.

 Not what I was expecting, but I guess it could have been worse.

Joseph continued: "You know, Mommy, you notice things that other people don't birds. Remember the other day when you saw those 3 white birds and you said it reminded you of Jesus?"

"That's what I mean Mommy. You notice things that other people take for granted or don't take the time to see."

"And......your compassionate."

Okay, well this turned out much better than I thought. Wasn't quite sure where he was going with the whole noticing thing...but I think I'll take it.

Joseph is so thoughtful.

Love that kid...every ounce of him.

So, my Monday was a little more brighter, a little more lighter.

Lord, please help me to always notice things.

What are your gifts?

If you don't know, just ask your kids.

Or mine.

wide-eyed and bushy tailed,


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