Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Perfect Ten....

Dear Joseph,

Yesterday you turned 10 years old. My goodness, I can hardly believe it is possible. These past ten years have passed so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that you were lying on the table next to me being cleaned off by the nurses.

I specifically remember that you were crying. You looked over at me and we caught each others eyes. You immediately stopped crying. We had an instant love connection. You and me, me and you. There we were. Together. Forever.

You love when I tell you that story. Your smile gets bigger as each word is spoken of that moment. I hope you never tire of hearing your story.

Oh, Joseph...where to begin. I was so green when you were born. "Green" in this context means that I was very, very unsure and naive of what it was like to be a Momma. I just knew that I loved you and that I could not stop looking at you.

You were so different than I imagined. I had envisioned you with very light hair. You were born into this world with very dark hair.You and I always say that you looked like a little Mexican baby. We love saying that, don't we? Of course, I was born with dark hair as well. So, once again, you are a lot like me!

Everyone always told me what a sweet baby you were. Of course, I already knew this. I felt like you completed me. You made me into a Momma. My biggest dream, my only ambition in life. Being a Momma.

As I look back over this past year, I remember some very special moments. Just like always, here are some things that you did this past year as a 9 year old....

~You began and ended 4th grade. Your teacher was Mrs. Verner.
~You vacationed in Yellowstone this past Fall.
~You saw black bears and buffalo and countless other animals
~You shot your first gun with Daddy.
~You once again received 2nd place for top reader of the 4th grade. (you were so close to being first!)
~You got a new bed! A bigger bed!
~You played your 2nd year of basketball. You love it.
~You tried skiing for the first time in Sapphire Valley, NC. Daddy gave you a lesson!
~You spoke at Miss Heather's funeral. You blew us all away with your words. You are truly amazing.
~You canoed with your Daddy for the first time.
~You wear a size 12!
~Your shoe size is a 6! Wow!

I am sure you will read this and remind me of other wonderful things that you have done this past year. If so, I will surely add those things to the list!

Joseph, you are one special boy. God has surely graced His favor on your life. Your face shines with His love and His favor. I have never, ever, known anyone as compassionate as you. Everyone always tells me that you are the most kind, well-mannered child that they know. I agree, whole-heartedly.

You have this rare gift...even at the age of 10, to make others feel at peace around you. I always feel good when we are together. Others have said the same thing about you. You just have this ability to make others feel at ease and at peace. Granny Hill has this  exact same quality.

Your daddy and I always say that you remind us so much of Granny Hill. You have her easy laugh and easy way. She never seems worried or anxious, just full of grace and love. You are the same way, Joseph Lemuel Hill.

If I have told you once, I have told you a million times...You are my Prince. My love.

Me and you, you and me...that's the way it will always be! (our little saying to each other...remember? of course you do.)

My prayer is that you will continue following that narrow path that leads straight to our Lord. He has big plans for you, buddy. I cannot even imagine what He has planned for your life, but I am excited to watch it unfold daily.

You make me better. You make me stronger. Thank you.

All my heart and butterfly and Eskimo kisses,



Tracey said...

He IS a perfect ten!!! He makes me smile when we are around him! I love him!!! You and Lem are doing such an amazing job with him, you should be proud!!! Happy Birthday, Joseph!!!

Mary Hudgins Balicki said...

Exactly what Tracey said!!! :)
Love you guys so much.