Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sandpaper & Me...

As if I didn't already receive the message that God gave me this weekend LOUD and CLEAR...He affirmed it (again) today.

I woke up this morning with a very sore throat. So sore that swallowing for me can be compared to the delightful feeling of rolling around naked in a big pile of sand paper. Sorry to gross you out--I know the sight of me naked is not what you came here for. But that's where I'm at today. (hypothetically speaking, of course.)

Even after waking up to sandpaper mouth...I still volunteered at the Primary school, went for a run, went back to do some more PTO stuff at the Primary school, ate lunch at a hot (and dirty) picnic table outside of the school with Presley (i had no sunscreen and no sunglasses, so you can add at least 3 new wrinkles to this list), and THEN...went to the Elementary school to squeeze a lunch in with Joseph. (which I was 30 minutes too I took that as my cue to scoot the 17 mile trek back home. Sorry time, love.)

I'm tired just thinking about it. Good grief.

"Resting in Him" ..hardly.

I have taken some steps for this "rest" thing though. Really, I have.

For example:

~ I am taking a break from FaceBook.( Go ahead and applaud here. It's not easy, people)
~I am sitting down and taking the time to blog. (that's something, right?)
~I still have on my stinky running clothes, and if I may add...I look like death warmed over. twice.
~Did i mention that I am taking a break from FaceBook?

Still working on other ways to rest. If you have any more tips on ways to rest..I'm all ears.


Is it really resting if I am thinking about it too much and planning things to do to rest?

Hmm. Don't answer that.

Hang on.........okay. I'm back. Hot green tea to the rescue.

How much more relaxed can a momma get? Blogging AND green tea?

 I think that counts for something.

I'm tired. My throat hurts. I'm gonna go now and rest.

peace out,   (that sounded so much cooler in my I'm just cheesy AND have a sore throat)


p.s..I was too tired and sickly to proof-read forgive me for errors. I'm resting, people.

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Sweet Inlow's said...

i wish i had a cup of green tea it would go perfectly with catching up on your blog.

how can we see each other face to face? we need to work on this, stat.