Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A toast to terrific twins.....

~Mary and Bek's 30th b-day party!~ ~Me and Bek at Jenny's baby shower~
~Mary and me at same shower~
~Mary and Presley at her 1st birthday party~

~Mary, Me and Presley(2 days old)~

~Mary's wedding~
~Audrey and Joseph ~
~Halloween~Mary is pregnant with Sloane~

Happy, Happy Birthday Mary and Beka!! I just wanted to take a moment and honor two very special friends. They have been my friends since before I had my first born. I cherish both of them dearly. They both went to high school with Lem, so they know him pretty well. I used to love hearing their stories about him. They were all such great friends in high school, and I am blessed to have gotten to know them as well. As fate would have it, Mary and I became inseperable right off of the bat! She and I had an instant connection and we both couldn't believe how much we had in common. I had the honor of being an attendant in her wedding and of seeing both of her girls in their hospital rooms after their precious births.

Mary has an unbelievable gift of hospitality and thoughtfulness. She remembers every detail of everything i tell her. If I am ever going through a rough patch, she is there with a sweet smile, a listening ear, and a warm dinner. :) (no joke!) She has a way of being what you need, exactly at the precise moment that you need something!

Mary, I wanted to make you smile today, so i came up with a list of things things that will be a part of my memory bank forever.....

  • Holly Hut

  • our first bible study with Jody Frye

  • sitting in the back of Jane's car and getting a call from you telling me that you were pregnant with Audrey!

  • finding out that you were having a GIRL!!

  • finding out that you were having a GIRL AGAIN!! YAY!!

  • instant messaging...remember the sick face?? LOL!

  • kitty...meow? (kitty face?)

  • bible studies at your house

  • coffee talks at your house

  • joseph and audrey falling in love :)

  • swimming at our house in old town

  • throwing countless showers

  • st. simons :)

  • callaway

  • telling you that i was pregnant with presley at chili's (in mcdonough i think)

  • being mistaken for your twin countless times (i take that as a huge compliment!)

  • the wooden spoon

  • your gold explorer

  • joyce meyer conference

  • starbucks

  • book club with melin and danielle :)

  • countless notes and thank you cards from you

  • mary kay and our meetings at michelle bonners

  • back porch at the holly hut :)

  • your mom giving me vitamins at her house (she thought it would help my stress...what a doll!)

  • FBC fall festival with Joseph and Audrey

  • Halloween at our house in olde town

  • casually mentioning at Betsy's wedding that Chad Balicki was "cute and available" ;) (you're welcome!)

I have to stop here, i am getting teary eyed. We have shared a lot of memories, and I am thankful for each and every one. Thank you for always being there when i need you. You always have the right words and a prayer handy just when i need it most.

Here, Here to Mary and Beka today as they celebrate their 33rd birthdays!!!

Love you girls!!


Mary said...

OMG!!!!!! How sweet are you? That was the greatest post ever!!!!!!!!! Thank you for loving the way you do and spending time on me when I know you're heart and mind is deeply dedicated to your kids as they both start school.
You've wowed my socks off and I'm very grateful. I love you to pieces, Jillian Amber Allgood Hill!!
Big hugs~

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Mary & Rebekah! My life has been blessed knowing you both!!

Rebekah Hudgins said...

Thank you Jill! I really appreciate your sweet post as well as the actual post/birthday card I received from you in the mail!! You made my day!
You are so sweet. (My personal little Homecoming Queen friend.) I heart you.
I made your pimento cheese again today and thought of you, delish!

Love and more love,