Wednesday, August 27, 2008

His Amazing Grace....

God is so good. His grace is ever sufficient. This morning I rose at 5:00 am to have some quiet time with Him. (yes 5:00 am!!) I prayed last night that He would wake me up early enough to share some time at His feet, and He so graciously did. My quiet time has diminished, and I have had a hunger to obtain this precious morning time with Him again. Thank you Lord for making it happen!!

I was so excited that I didn't know where to begin...with prayer, with journaling to Him, or watching Joyce Meyer on our tivo. He ever so tenderly led the way for me. I looked through my journal, which dates back to January. As I flipped through the pages, my eyes filled with tears at His faithfulness. I had so many tear drops and prayer requests on those pages...and looking at them made me so thankful for all that He has done. I have been writing love letters to Him for about 2 years now, but journaling forever it seems. These letters have my heart and soul in them and just browsing through them takes me back to this place of desperation and complete dependence on Him.

Life gets so busy, and I forget how much I need Him every step of the way. This morning reminded me of this. I am lost without Him. My heart aches without Him. He is my purpose and my destiny. Thank you sweet Jesus for showing me this.

He is such a gentleman..never forcing himself into my life, only gently calling me and caressing me back into the safe haven of His arms.

I always say, Lord, please never let me go back to not talking to you and spending time with you daily....i HAVE to have you every second. Never let me fall into a place of distraction again where I am not searching and looking for your guidance. However, somehow, I will be at that place again, and then when I am done, He will take me back with a kiss and a if I never left. Nobody loves me like this. Nobody can.

your wandering prodigal child,



Mary said...

Wow, 5:00AM, that's serious!! :)
. . .There's nothing like early morning time with Him. I believe, all He wants is for us to be as excited to be with Him, talk to Him, connect with Him as we are to connect with each other.
Working on that, Lord!! I am. His grace is Amazing, no doubt.
Love journeying with you, Jill!!!

Tracey said...

Jill you are such an amazing person and such an obedient Christian ~ I need to work on my quiet time with Him!!!! Love the post!