Friday, August 15, 2008

Boys will be boys.....

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

~The battle scar~ ~Lance Armstrong in the making~ [apology for the blurry pic...a new camera is on my wish list this year. :) ]

Sibling rivalry at it's finest is always occurring in our home. Case in point, Joseph loves reading our blog and looking at the pictures. He notices that more blogs have pictures of Presley and funny stories about her. I gently remind him that she is at home with me a lot more because of him being in school all day. Hence, more stories to tell. I also remind him that i have a scrapbook the size of a small state with photos, stories, etc.. all about him. As all mom's that have more than one child know, the first child has the most pictures, the most remembrances of "firsts", etc, etc. The second child gets.......well they get what the poor frazzled mother has time left to throw together, all the while she is optimistically reminding herself that "one day" she will catch up and do a perfectly " put together" scrapbook just like the first borns. :)

He still wasn't satisfied. "Presley gets all the attention", he pouts. Feeling guilty, as usual, i pick him up and squeeze him and tell him that we love them both the same and that one day he would understand when he has his own children. Much to my chagrin, he's not buying it. Pretty lousy explanation in his little 7 yr. old eyes.

With all of this said, here is a post about Joseph's first "bike accident".

This week on our ritualistic late afternoon family stroll through the neighborhood, Joseph fell off his bike and scraped his knee really bad. He did not want to get back on the all after that. Mommy (me) wanted to pick him up and carry him inside and nurse my sweet boy back to health. Just as i was going in for the motherly "swoop", Lem gives me a "do or die" look. Confused, i ask him what's wrong?? Lem, in a grave and matter of fact tone, says, "Joseph is FINE. He is going to get back on his bike and ride it NOW."

"But, But, But...", i stammer.

"He's FINE, Jill. "

Well, turns out he was fine. Despite my best efforts to coddle him and do my "mommy" thing, he quickly forgot about his wound and peddled away into the sunset.

"All great athletes have battle wounds", Lem firmly states.

"Ughhhh....WHAT-EVERRRRR", i say rolling my eyes.

So, the next morning as i am getting Joseph dressed for school, he complains about his scraped knee hurting while he is putting on his shorts.

"Let me get a band aid to put on your knee, darling", i cheerfully and fervently suggest, halfway to the first aid kit.

"NO, mommy. Then nobody will be able to see it", Joseph proudly announces.

"That's my boy!!", i hear Lem say from the kitchen.

Out of Joseph's view, i mockingly roll my eyes. I just don't understand all this boy-ness. It's really, really, really.........foreign.

Oh well.


Melinda Williams Moore said...

I think this is the first time I've posted on your blog, but I just have to tell you that I just literally GUFFAWED out loud reading your post. I can just picture that in my head! Love it.

Mary said...

great story, Mommy!!! thanks for sharing it with us - - Lem is a very good Dad! :)
love you guys!!

Michelle Chapman said...

Jill! I can so see this whole episode go on between our family :) Dustin says I "baby" Jaden too much. When he gets hurt, I want to nurture him, but Dustin goes..."He's okay...he's tough, he can handle it! (mind you, he didn't say this with the head injury of course :) He always say's I'm gonna make him into a "sissy"! Whatever...aren't Mom's suppose to come to the rescue with their babies? :) Sweet Joseph...I loved the part when he didn't want you to put a band-aid on so he could show it off :) Jaden hasn't gotten to that point yet :) Love you, and I do believe we are soul sisters :) It's nice to have someone feel what I feel, and actually understand it :)

Tracey said...

That is so funny! Good job with the play by play...How big boyish for him to want to show his boo-boo off!