Saturday, August 30, 2008

Move over Ken Burns....

~Before viewing, scroll down to the bottom of page and you can pause the music. You may not be able to hear him unless you do this. ~

Joseph was asked to be on the morning announcements this week at his school. He gave the weather report every morning. Presley and I went to see him on Thursday morning and video taped him from the smartboard in their class room. It's not the best quality, but you can get the gist of it. I was somewhat surprised at how much he enjoyed doing this and that he wasn't a bit nervous!! He was a natural! (if i do say so myself!)

He loved it so much he said that he now wants to be a "Doctor, a Scientist, and a Weatherman" when he grows up. Lol! I told him to GO FOR IT!!! :)

Somebody better let Ken Burns know that Joseph is hot on his trail!!! ;)


Michelle Chapman said...

Hello Jill! I just got caught up on yours as well :) Oh my much we seem to be alike...Your "Amazing Grace" testament is exactly what I've been feeling here lately. I'm not an early riser what-so-ever, but luckily both my children sleep pretty late in the mornings and I can have my quite time with him most mornings! What I have gotten VERY slack on is not reading the Bible like I should...Oh and how I crave it so! I use to read it every single night before going to bed...since Madden....I don't think I have read it once :( That is my goal this week! I'm usually just SO exhausted by bed time! I have GOT to get back in his word!

That video of Joseph is just precious! It's so funny that I went on your blog this morning and read that. You know Jaden wants to be a Weatherman :) He would rather sit and watch the Weather Channel than Cartoons! The first thing he says when he wakes up in the Mornings is: "Is it going to storm today or be Sunny"? He and Joseph might be our lead Weathermen someday ;) What precious little angels we have Jill ;)

Love you!

Mary said...

OMG - what a natural!!! I bet you were the proudest Momma in 6 states! :) Love that you went to video his shining moment - such a cutie.
Please tell him that Audrey is planning a co-ed b-day party in the interest of him. So cute as she told me that she wasn't interested in tea parties or sleep-overs b/c the party had to be something that Joseph would like. Ahhhh. . . :) Go ahead and book the rehearsal dinner venue.