Sunday, August 31, 2008

A nail biter....

~Me, Jordan, and Lem after the game~~Me and Lem are so excited that we won!!~

~I love this shot of Dad and Jordan after the game~ ~My beautiful niece, Amberlee~

~4 out of 6 of the Crowe family~ ~Dad, Jordan, and Mom~

Jordan (our 17 yr. old nephew) had his first official football game Friday night, and boy was it incredible!! Lem and I arrived about 20 minutes late, and the other team, Prince Avenue Christian, had already scored 20 points on the Titans (our team).

Needless to say, when we sat down with the rest of our family, nobody was happy. This was supposed to be an easy game for the Titans. My sister was furious. She would barely speak to me, because she was so upset about the score. (sorry, Ang...but true!)

By half time, we were still down 20-0. It was not looking good for the Titans. But, as soon as the 3rd quarter started, the Titans looked like a different team! They scored a touchdown!! The stands went crazy! After much more excitement and 3 more touch downs, we ended up winning 28-20. It was truly a miracle!!!

My nephew played a remarkable game! He plays offensive line, and did a GREAT job!!!
Another highlight is that my sister got a babysitter for my kids and her 2 little it was a date night as well!! Woo-Hoo!!

Friday night football is so much fun!!!! Can't wait for the next game!!

loyal Titan fan,


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