Sunday, August 3, 2008

An Ode to Tracey.....

I am writing this now, because Lord knows I will not have a free second tomorrow with school starting on Tuesday! So here goes..

Tomorrow will be Tracey Newton Greene's birthday!! Tracey is Lem's best friend Darren's beautiful wife! And by the grace of God is one of my best friends in the whole world! Tracey is many, many, special things all rolled into one amazing girl. Here are a few things that i love about Tracey...

  • she looks like Meg Ryan (especially when her hair is short)

  • she is REAL

  • she listens so intently

  • she has the longest eyelashes i have ever seen!!

  • we were on a double date at Victorian House with our husbands for her b-day dinner the night my water broke with Joseph!

  • she threw me an unforgettable couples shower when i was pregnant with Joseph

  • she is an unbelievable cook

  • she is the BEST mother!

  • she cried when she and Darren came to see Joseph in the hospital. (she soon found out she was pregnant with Reagan!!)

  • she calls Darren Big Daddy and he calls her Mama! (its the cutest thing you have ever seen...or heard)

  • she is extremely thoughtful and aware of other people's feelings.

  • my mom thinks she has the prettiest legs around! :)

  • she does cartwheels in the ocean

  • she is passionate about being a blood donor

  • she will always be a cheerleader

  • she is very organized

  • her family comes first always

  • she made and sold cookie mix in a jar at the conyers fall festival...isn't that just adorable??

  • she is extremely savvy and thrifty in all the best ways!

  • she is older than me (heehee..had to throw that one in!)

  • she knows WAY too much about me

  • she will always be my friend

  • she cracks me up

Happy, Happy Birthday Tracey Newton Greene!!!

wishing you were closer,



Mary said...

Aww, how sweet! I have to 2nd all of these accolades!!

Happy Birthday, Tracey Cate - from another one of your admiring friends!!!

Love you so!!

Tracey said...

I feel so special! I have highlighted on 2 of my friends blogs in the past 2 weeks! That's a record for me!

Jill, you are a doll and I love you! Thank you for being a great friend to me!
Love you!!! XOXOX