Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From the mouths of babes.....

"Clothe yourselves with humility"....1 Peter 5:5

Scene One...April 2008

Presley: Look Mommy, now I look just like YOU!!! (reference above picture)

Scene two...yesterday about noon...

Presley: Hey, Mommy....let's play Hannah Montana!!!!

Me: Okay, darling...that sounds fun!!

Presley: I will be Hannah Montana, and you can be...(in deep,deep thought)....hmmm...i know! You can be her Dad! (which for all of you non-hannahmontana's...her dad is played by Billy Ray Cyrus on the know...mullet, achy breaky heart??!!!!)

Me: Her dad?? What if I play Lilly, her best friend, instead??

Presley: NO, MOMMY!! You are WAY TOOOOOOO OLD to play her!!

Me: (bowing my head in defeat) okay.


Tracey said...

I am laughing with you not at you!!!!

Reagan starts her offending comments with "I'm not trying to hurt your feelings but......." You gotta love those little angels! I could eat em up they are so cute.

Michelle Chapman said...

Oh wouldn't believe what my precious Jaden said about his Mommy last night...I was actually VERY embarresed! We went to dinner with another couple and she is pregnant, so she sat up front with Dustin. Well, Jaden said, "Mommy, Daddy has a new wife and she is pretty, not you"! I was speechless! I honestly didn't know what to say, or how to handle the situation :) So I proceeded to say, "So your saying Christy is prettier than Mommy? Thanks Jaden". Then Dustin trying to smooth over the situation says, "He doesn't like when Michelle wears her hair up (b/c I had it up)". Jaden then say's, "Your not pretty with it down either"! And he was hysterically laughing...thinking what he said was SO funny and I was actually heartbroken :( But, about 10 minutes later he goes "Mommy you are pretty I was just kidding" :) After I was completely humiliated!

The Hill Family said...

michelle, that is HILARIOUS!! only because it is not true. you are GORGEOUS!! but glad to know that i am not the only mom put through the ringer by my children.