Monday, August 4, 2008

A letter to my prince....

Happy Birthday, Joseph...i wrote this on August 4th, but it is for you to read on your 7th birthday (August 5th) and your first day of school!!

~My beautiful boy~ ~Presley's first Christmas (3 weeks old)~
~Joseph showing off his baby sister~
~Joseph's first sailing trip~
~1st day of Kindergarten~
~First day of 1st grade~

~15mos. old~

~11 mos.old~
~Royce and Joseph at Thomas The Train Ride~

~Joseph's first grade Picture~ ~1 yr. old picture (still in the window at Danny Lee photography)~ ~Joseph and Royce in the tub~

~Easter 2008~

Dear Joseph Lemuel Hill,

You were born on Sunday August 5Th at 3:05 pm. You weighed 8 lbs. and 4 oz, and you were 19 1/2 inches long. Your hair was so dark when we first saw you , which quite surprised us!! We had envisioned you having a head full of blond hair! When the nurses washed you off completely, we saw that your hair was more of a light brown and not as dark as it had looked at first. You were breathtaking and handsome, and the nurses quickly agreed that you were the most beautiful boy that had ever graced Rockdale Hospital. Of course, we whole heartedly agreed! Before your birth, we had never been privy to witnessing a more miraculous and angelic sight.

Before you were washed off, the nurses were measuring you on the table right beside me and we locked eyes. I will never forget that moment as long as i live. My world stopped turning in that very instant and i knew that i would never be the same. You had been crying and as soon as you looked at me, you were soothed. I had been whimpering in pain from the delivery, and simultaneously we had this moment together of complete peace and calm. In an instant, my heart belonged in your tiny hands. I would have given my own life for you a thousand times over, by just the very sight of you. The suffering that Jesus endured on the cross because of His love for us has become all too more complete and understanding to me now. I have told you this story many times, but I wanted to put it on our family website so that it will forever be etched in your memory as well as mine. Not that i could ever forget it.

Joseph, I can never even begin to express my love for you. When you have your own children one day you will nod your head in silent agreement and understanding of this feeling. If God loves us as much as my feeble flesh loves you, then God's love is immeasurable beyond any human comprehension.

I have told you many times, at least a zillion, that i wish that i could put you back into my stomach and keep you with me for all time. You laugh every time i tell you this, but i seriously mean it! This world is a better place because of you being in it, and i know that you will change it in your own perfect and unique way. God has made you extra special, Joseph and don't you ever forget this. He has given you a heart full of compassion, and a heart of obedience. I will never understand why God has blessed me and your daddy with this awesome and colossal gift of raising you. I just pray every single day, that we will train you in the way that you should go and that you will never stray from your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Your life verse could not be more fitting for you...."Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:4-6

Here are some things that you have done this year as a 6 yr. old.....

you memorized your life verse

you started Awana and you love it!

you finished 1st grade

you have read over 100 books

you learned to ride a bike

you played goalie on your soccer team for the first time

you starting eating mom's chicken pot pie (yay!)

your new favorite flavor is had always been vanilla!

you jumped off of the diving board this summer for the first time

you lost 4 more teeth!

you learned to swim underwater

you started using Listerine..your own choice. :)

you started using daddy's cologne..again your choice

you watched star wars for the first time

star wars became your favorite movie, game, toys, etc.

you were in the Madison newspaper

you got your first kiss from a girl at school (her name is Lena, and she kissed you on the playground)

you started riding the bus to school

you were able to start riding without a booster seat, but i still keep you in one.

you began reading chapter books, and you have a sincere love and appreciation for reading.

you have discovered that science is your favorite subject.

you want to be a doctor or a scientist (the sky is the limit, precious one)

you still love butterfly kisses

"bubbly" by colbie calait is our song

Joseph, these are just a few of the many things that you have done this year. I am sure i will think of thousands more after i post this...but hopefully this will be a reminder to you of how much you are growing and changing everyday. It certainly reminds me of how quickly this time is passing with having you here at home with me. Today is your 7Th birthday and your first day of second grade. I am excruciatingly aware of you growing up too fast on days like today. Much to my chagrin, it never gets easier beginning another school year or having another birthday.

You have stolen my heart, dear Joseph. You are my prince, forever, and ever and i will eternally be smitten by your presence.

~with humble thanks to our Creator,

your mommy


Tracey said...

So I needed a good cry this morning!

Jill that was a beautiful letter!!! You are a very deserving mother and Joseph is lucky that you are his mommy.

Happy Birthday Joseph I hope you have a great first day of 2nd grade!!

The Greene Family loves you very much!

The Hill Family said...

thank you tracey. i will pass the birthday wish to joseph. he loves you guys too!

i am a mess today, with his 7th b-day and first day of second grade. i am a hormonal wreck! will it ever get easier?? please tell me it will. i think lem is ready to institutionalize me. can't really blame him.

hope your b-day was just as fabulous as you!!

Cathy said...


Thank you for the beautiful words about my daughter! You are right in all you say and she thinks the world of you as well. I do hope you can make the summer thing an annual event....what special and precious memories you will share in the years to come!

It's okay to hang onto to the apron strings! I'm sure your Mom loves it!

Cathy Greenway

Laurie from GA said...

O.K, I'm crying over here in Alpharetta, too!

I can feel your pain... and I really don't think it's gonna get any easier!!! Can you imagine the day we'll drive away leaving our "babies" at college? :-(

Sam starts school on Monday and I'm already teary eyed.

I wrote a letter like yours to Sam on his last day of Kindergarten. It was amazing to look at the list of accomplishments and know that it will continue to grow!

Be strong, but remember - one of the good things about being a woman is we're allowed to cry and no one will judge!!!

~Feeling your heartache and dreading Monday!~ Laurie

Mary said...

What a sweet letter, Jill!!! - loved the catalog of memories and age 6 accomplishments all sealed with a kiss~! You are indeed a wonderful Mom and Joseph is blessed beyond measure.
Happy Birthday, Joseph!!
Much love from the Balicki's!!

Michelle Chapman said...

Jill!!! I'm balling like a baby! This is the most precious thing I have ever read! You are amazing at words!!! Tell Joseph we said Happy Birthday!!! We have had a virus on our computer, but luckily we just got it fixed in time to tell Joseph Happy B-day on his day! I hope he had a great one! Much love...Muah!

~Michelle Chapman

tab said...

That is beautiful! He sure has a sweet mommy!

erin said...

Lov, Lov it...So sweet & precious. Your a great mom!!