Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Long and Winding Road of Change....

~Joseph proudly sporting his Indiana Jones shirt and his trademark snaggle tooth grin~ ~Presley finally gets her turn for the traditional "first day of school pine tree picture"~
~"Don't worry mommy, I will be just fine"~
~Joseph and his birthday present....a new bike!!~
~AND, a new helmet!!~

What a week this has been! I am still trying to catch my breath from the whirlwind of it all! My simple and quiet life became a jam packed, emotional roller coaster of a ride with twists and turns which left me begging to get off! I have decided that I do not adjust well to change, especially involving my children. EVERY year on the first day of school, i go into this tail spin that takes a few days for me to recover. This is probably due to the fact that Joseph's birthday always falls on the first week of school. Like the first week of school isn't enough of an emotional battle field to crawl through? I have to succumb to the realization in that very week that my little boy is growing up. To top it off, Presley started 3 yr. old pre-k this week as well! I feel like I have been smacked down really hard by a semi truck, physically and emotionally.

Enough about me, here are some pictures of my little ones from this week. Thankfully, they were completely unfazed by the transformations this week. I think I could learn a thing or two from their easily adaptable behavior!

still licking my wounds,



Tracey said...

AWH Jill they look so cute!

Why didn't anyone tell us that mothering was going to be this emotional?.?.? The fact that they are completely unfazed is a testimony to just how good you are doing!!
Hang in there!
Tracey xoxo

The Hill Family said...

thank you so much, tracey! i REALLY needed to hear that. :) thanks for the pick-me-up.

Michelle Chapman said...

What beautiful kids you have Jill! They are perfect! You are such a terrific Mom! I'm sure I will be an emotional wreck as well when Jaden starts the big K! :(

Mary said...

You are doing very good, Momma!! Be strong and courageous - - how sweet that your kids have a Mom who loves them so much that each heartstring feels like you're crashing.
No one loves them like that, Jill. You are exactly what they need and doing a clearly amazing job. Keep up the good work and as you would tell me, "Chin-up".
Love you so!!!