Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Days are here again....

"A happy heart makes the face cheerful."..Proverbs 15:13

~Star Wars theme, of course~ ~ Presley and Anna-Joy~
~ the kids desperately seeking candy~
~Mama Jane and Jess~
~Me and Ashley (i love presley's face in the background..."ummm...okay mommy that's turn!")~
~the gang at D &B~
~whoa!! a lot of tickets~
~joseph, royce, and william~
~calling it a night....finally!~
~goodnight sweet boys~

Update on Me: Outlook getting clearer with sunny skies ahead :)

My big girl panties were stretched to the max, beyond repair last week. Sending both of my babies back to school in one fail swoop just about did me in. However, this week finds me in a much better and happier place (without medication, i might add!).

It began Saturday by taking Joseph and two of his cousins, William and Royce to Dave and Busters to celebrate his b-day. They (We) had soooo much fun!! We were exhausted by the end..but it was well worth it.

On Sunday we had a family party here at our house. Also, a whole lot of fun with kids running everwhere! Just the way i like it!! ;)

As i began writing this, i paused for a second and heard.......absolutely nothing. Weird! Today is Presley's day for pre-k, so i am all alone and it is a little strange to have such silence in my house. :( Okay, Okay....happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

Better now. Okay, so back to the story...we had a really fun weekend and Joseph had an exceptionally fun birthday week!! Yay!

So, here are some pics from this weekend and all the excitement that came with it! Enjoy!
burning the big girl panties~


Laurie from GA said...

So glad to hear the "funk" is slowly clearing! I bounced back pretty quickly...still getting teary once in a while!

What a fun b-day Joseph had! I'm sure you were worn out after D&B!

I love seeing those boys with their stuffed animals! (And not trying to hide them!) Sam has about ten assorted animals in his bed every night! So cute!

Have a happy week!

Tracey said...

She's back!! I'm glad Joseph had a good birthday party, It looked like a ton of fun!

The look on Presley's face is priceless! There is no doubt what is going through her mind.

Glad your back!
Much Love!!