Monday, December 19, 2011

(Wo)man in the mirror....

Things I'm learning at the moment:

If I want change, I must begin with myself.

If my heart is pure and clean and reflects the Lord, then my whole perspective changes.

When my heart is not so pure and full of sin, bitterness, envy, and makes everything seem pretty drab and hopeless.

How can I change things around me?

Change myself.

How do I change myself?

Ask the Lord to show me, lead me, and guide me. Daily.

My flesh gets really sore when trying to change bad habits. It sure is a lot easier for me to give in to my flesh.

However, there is no fruit there. Fruit only comes when I can finally die to the flesh and LIVE in obedience to the Father.

Maybe it really is this simple: Change myself, change the world.

starting with me,


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