Thursday, December 22, 2011

A few of my favorite things....

Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, pajamas, popcorn and The Polar Express.

Homemade ornaments for our tree.

Christmas clothing worn by the little ones.

Stockings eagerly waiting to be filled.

Christmas carols on almost every radio station.

Sleeping in.

Waking up, and before even pouring my coffee....going to turn on the Christmas tree.

Having colored lights for the first time. (my favorite, by the way.)

Reading from the Bible the birth of Jesus to my kids.

Lighted houses that look magical.

Baking and more baking.

Parties and more parties.

Eating a lot more than usual.

Not caring about the above.

Still Lumber Christmas party.

Kim Jayne's cookies for Santa party.

My cookie swap party.

Letters to Santa.

Addressing our Christmas cards.

Christmas p.j's.

Spot the Elf that shows up every year on Presley's birthday....December 1st.

Opening the mail daily and finding a Christmas card. (the BEST)

Wrapping gifts until my back hurts...and my fingers.

Spreading kindness and JOY to others.

Shopping with my Lem. (love those late night date night shopping trips!)

Eating Waffle House with my little family every December 23rd and sitting in the same booth every year.

Sushi on Christmas Eve with Mommy Jane.

Christmas morning breakfast at Mom and Dad's house.

The kids faces on Christmas morning.

Laughing, squealing and more squealing as the kids see what Santa has delivered.

Celebrating JESUS!

Because, without HIM, there would be no Christmas.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

joy unspeakable,


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