Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas with the Cannons....

This weekend was one of my most favorite Christmas traditions.

Christmas with the Cannons!

Also known as Lem's Aunt Nancy, Uncle Tommy and a slew of fun cousins.

They live in a gorgeous home located in Winston-Salem, NC.  We all stay at their home, so it makes for a house full!

Aunt Nancy is the southern hostess with the mostest. I'm not exaggerating.

We must have ran that dishwasher 30 times while we were there for 2 days. At one point I went scouring her pantry for paper plates and paper cups. I was quickly told by Aunt Nancy's daughter, Rachel, that paper plates were not an option.

Aunt Nancy is the ultimate Fancy Nancy! We all LOVE this about her. It sure makes us feel special and loved. All of the fine details and attention that she puts into everything while we are staying there does not go unnoticed by this country girl.

The Cannon's are absolutely the finest around. Lem and I both agreed that they are just one of the best families that we have ever know. Just good, solid, Christian folks.

One of the MOST fun things that we did was taking a hayride through Tanglewood Park to see Christmas lights. It was freezing, but it didn't matter because the lights were mesmerizing.

Of course, I forgot my camera on the hay ride excursion...but trust me, it was really beautiful. Presley and Lem led us in singing Christmas carols. Never a dull moment with this crew.

Here is a little re-cap..

Lem's brother Jason and his beautiful wife, Andrea

Aunt Nancy and Mommy Jane are glowing!

Joseph and William--cousins make the best friends

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Nancy sure make a fine lookin' pair

Presley and cousin Cole

Blair, Cole and Rachel--we love this family!

This is our newest addition...and my favorite if I can add that. Her name is Lindy...and she is PRECIOUS! I couldn't keep my hands off of this little lump of sugar. My ovaries are crying out as we speak!

did i mention that I love this little girl?

We love the Cannons!

back to paper plates,


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