Friday, December 16, 2011

Jesus, Friends, and Cookies....

"A friend is a gift you give yourself."--Robert Louis Stevenson.

tiffany gets number ONE in the dirty santa game!

kelly, ashley, monica and me

tiffany and ashley

tiffany, ashley, monica, kelly, ashley and me




we love presents!

kelly is so much fun!

baby love!! Ian!!

love these girls!

momma and me

love my kelly

Ian and Collette...precious

mary, collette, me, heather, jenny and kelly

kel and robyn

ashley and lori..her momma! (can you believe that?)
This week has been full of fun and more fun.

Beginning with our bible study Christmas party at Filet at Lake Oconee on Tuesday, and ending with my annual Christmas cookie swap last night!

I LOVE this time of year when we get to see friends so much during the week. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

God sure has blessed me with the most precious, loving, loyal, kind and beautiful friends in the world! He KNEW I would need their encouragement and constant inspiration in my life. He is so good.

My love tank is overflowing.

It really is.

Perhaps my favorite part of this week was a circle of prayer that we did at my cookie swap last night. We all held hands and prayed for our friend, David Boyd.

Rebekah prayed and the Holy Spirit was right there in the middle of us. We could all feel it.

There's a Christian song called, "In this very room"....talking about Jesus being in the room and how Holy it feels.

Well, that's exactly what last night felt like. Only Jesus can provide that kind of love and warmth amongst friends.

A special big thank you to my momma, mommy jane, and my friends for making last night unforgettable. I could NEVER pull off a party without every single one of you there.

I love that I have girlfriends who can pray with me. There's nothing like it.

All of you are truly my gift.

Speaking of gifts...don't forget to comment on my last post about your favorite Christmas tradition. I am giving away a prize this weekend! If you live far away, I will mail it on Monday!

Who doesn't love a little surprise?

So, when is the next party,


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