Monday, December 26, 2011

I've been shellacked.....

day 4 of my shellac manicure. look past the wrinkly fingers. focus on the nails, people.
or look at presley in the background sleeping.

a much prettier sight than my 36 year old fingers. 

this is what time it was..7:46 pm..and she's out. 

i am still trying to figure out my new camera.
 please disregard my Christmas gown.
 trust me, this is one of the better pieces of my night time wardrobe.
hey, at least my nails are looking good.

Last Friday, I received my first Shellac manicure. If you are not familiar with this word, "shellac"...basically, it makes your polish last for like years. 

Well, not really years...that's me exaggerating. 

More like a couple of weeks. 

Shelley, my nail tech friend, promised me that my manicure would last at least two weeks. 

I have my doubts. I told her that obviously she had never come across fingernails like mine. 

My polish usually peels off by the time I get in my car to leave the shop. My cell phone rings, and I go digging for it in my purse....and BAM. Manicure ruined.

So, I put her to the test.

I paid my $25.00 and told her the bet was on.

Shockingly, I am on day four of my newly shellacked nails.

There will probably be a price to pay for this sometime down the road. Like, cancer of the nail beds. Or some kind of shellac induced disease.  

Oh well, I am taking my chances. At least I will go down with well manicured nails.

It feels good to have pretty nails again. It's been like....years.....since I have had pretty nails.Not exaggerating on that one.

 It's just one of the million things I have let go of since turning 30 last year.

  (okay, well i didn't exactly turn 30 last year.....but you knew that already.)

First goes your nails, then your toe nails, then pretty much any and all other high maintenance activities. I mean, most days I am lucky if my underwear is on (and clean) and my teeth are brushed. 

By the time I reach afternoon carpool, I try not to catch a glimpse of myself in the rear-view mirror.

Okay, don't even get me started on REAR views. Sheesh.

Hey, at least my nails are done.

shiny and shellacked,


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