Sunday, December 25, 2011

The case for the Best Christmas....

This could be the best Christmas ever.

Yes, I say this every year, but I really mean it this time.

I do, I really do.

However, since we live in a democracy, let's let you decide.

Here's some picture evidence of our last 48 hours....see for yourself.

The Evidence....

Presley and me practicing on my new Nikon camera. ignore my wrinkles and focus on the beauty to the left. 

the silliest kids on the planet--Joseph, Ashley, Danny, William, Presley, and Graham

Nana and Papa and their grands!

William and Joseph fist pumping--boys will  be boys

one of Joseph's favorite gifts--ticket to the Hawks/Heat game...oh yeah!

my favorite gift

Danny and William discuss something serious-
-i think it was something about Lego's.

modeling our our annual Christmas shoe shopping trip purchases--courtesy of Papa Danny and Nana Terri
from left to right...Jessica, Me, Andrea.
be jealous. be very, very jealous.
(on a serious note--i appalls me to spend that much money on one pair of took everything i had to not ask them to take me to Target so that i could get about 5 pairs for the price of those boots. oh the sacrifices to keep the peace.

here's the full effect....yes, i will take all three please.

visions of "a Christmas story" run through my head..
.Joseph gets his first bebe gun.
oh boy.

Papa Danny and Jess (Lem's twin sis)

caught ya William!

wishing Granny Hill a very merry this lady.
 if you want to meet the sweetest woman who ever lived...
go pay her a visit. you won't be the same.

Mommy Jane and her girls

Presley and me...
notice the boots-  hoping they will look good with my daily stay -at- home momma attire...
spandex and baggy t-shirts.
let's hope so.

naughty or nice...
you decide.

yes, Joseph has on short sleeves (and navy blue).
 shoot me. 

have you ever??
 (thank you, mommy Jane!)

Santa's sweetest helper

my beautiful niece, Ashley

 i feel the same way, buddy.

my Joseph

yes, i do see your tonsils, Danny. they look very healthy.

William gives us his best smolder...and it's a good one

and Danny is still showing us his tonsils again....much to Joseph's chagrin

Jess and me....i love this girl...and not because i have to because she's Lem's twin...but because  you just can't help but love this one.

why, hello again, sweet Ashley.

somebody's been a good boy--or is he holding Andrea's gifts? hmmm.
 (Jason, Lem's brother)

mommy Jane and me....the best MIL in the world.

twins. in every possible way.
Jess and Pres.

mommy Jane love!

visions of sugar plums (or more like Skittles) danced in their heads...

well, well, well...look who came to see us!

Presley gets a guitar!!

Joseph was a really good boy-- an x-box was on his list

no words.
 just smiling over here at this one..

my Presley discovers more Santa gifts

a happy boy

even doggies know it's Christmas!
holly gives aspen a little ear licking love. 

isn't she beautiful?
my niece, amberlee

my handsome nephew Jordan..
who will be going into the navy soon.
 ok, i will stop there or i just may not be able to finish the post.  :( 

2 peas in a pod...

2 crazy little peas in a pod

maw maw makes everything fun.
she is dancing in this pic..
how cute is she?
did i mention that she cooks the best Christmas breakfast ever?
yes, she does.

note to self...never let anyone take a picture from underneath your face.
 i only post this because i love my nephew and i wanted a pic of him on here with me.
see the sacrifices i make for y'all?

my beautiful anna-joy!

and i quote..."let's go shopping aunt Jilly!" 

Joseph gives his fans (family) his first novel.
his second is coming out in late January...oh the demands of a writer. 

the reason we celebrate...JESUS! 

happy birthday, Jesus!

my sweet Royce loves to have his picture taken...can't you tell? 

oh sweetness.

now this picture just took my breath away.

love this one.
pure sweetness, this girl.

my cousin Hal showed up at Mom's house...great surprise!
Lee  (on left) is Angela's husband...barely got a pic of him because he was fishing at the lake every second he could sneak out. 

again, here i go sacrificing for the sake of my loved ones.
no, i am not pregnant...i just overeat.
this is me and my dad....
and of course, no picture is complete without Presley's famous signature face.

me and my love...he even loves me without make-up.
by golly, he's a keeper.

my favorite girl
(notice, i am STILL in the kitchen...somebody get me out of there)

who's taller? 

for some reason my niece, amberlee, thinks it's funny that she is taller than I am.
 i say, one more tease on my crown and we are dead even.
(who's got a pick and some hair spray?)

Closing argument:

As you can see--love, laughter and fun filled the air. 

The best part---Jesus was the reason for it all!

So, do you think it was the BEST Christmas?

Deliberate for a bit and let me know.  No rush.

waiting for the verdict,



Jamie said...

Glad you had fun. Can't wait to see how Presley does with the guitar. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

My child, my child got those softy nails from me, I confess. Your Dad's are like cement and they grow (as you know)long, even the best nail bitter couldn't get them off with razor sharp teeth. Enjoyed your blogs, keep it comin!