Friday, December 16, 2011

Clocks a tickin'.....

Just kidding. It's not time yet.

Oh, and that's not me holding the sign. (although, I am pretty sure you knew that already.)

You still have ONE more day to post your comment telling us your favorite Christmas tradition.

I think you will like the prize! (or at least someone in your little circle will!)

My kids cannot wait to pick a winner tomorrow. They are so excited!

Lem said tonight that HE wanted to pick the winner.

Ummm, no.

I told him to get his own blog and then he can pick a winner on his blog. :)

I have LOVED reading your traditions. My face has a permanent smile on it while reading them. My heart gets all warm and fuzzy, and I envision soft Christmas music playing in the background as I read it.

Seriously, I do.

I'm a little (a lot) Christmas crazy!

Happy weekend, fellow Christmas Traditioners!

stay tuned,



Anonymous said...

I have (most) always been a Christmas Scrooge. This year, however, I am filled with Christmas joy! That being said, we do have a Family tradition that I have always enjoyed. Two actually. This first one is that, even as a child, everyone gets to open one Christmas gift on Christmas Eve. The gift is ALWAYS Christmas pajamas. (it took me until I was at least 13 to figure this out!) The second, is that Santa always leaves everyone a Christmas ornament in their stocking. The ornament has something to do with something that person did or achieved that was significant that year. Like this year, Lily was able to enjoy her first trip to Disney World. her ornament is a "2011" with Disney characters adorning it. I am having so much fun this year with my Grinchey ways left behind. I have learned a very valuable lesson this year, and that is that you should savor and be thankful for every moment of your life, because you never know when your precious gift of life can be taken from you.
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and your inspiration and friendship mean the world to me!!!
Christy Reid

michelle chapman said...

We have so many Christmas traditions that I'm sure I will leave something out! To start off, we always go get our tree on Jaden's Birthday, December 1st. (he loves this)! The kids always pick out the biggest fattest tree they have...Then the decorating begins! We always eat finger food's pn our Christmas dishes while we decorate and blast the Christmas music! Only Country Traditional will do :) We decorate our "pretty tree" up stairs first, then the kids "special" tree downstairs with all their special ornaments. The kids both have a tree in their rooms--which they also LOVE to decorate! Then the elves, Cringle and Jingle come after everything is all pretty. They're nice elves! They leave little gifts everywhere if the kids have been good :) Something is left from the elves about every other day. Then we do the normal traditions: Go see Santa...Watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation...Watch Polar Express and drink hot Frosty & Rudolph and The grinch. We actually watch a Christmas movie every night until Christmas. We rode the Polar Express this year! The kids LOVED that! Every year we usually do something different...last year it was Spending the Night at Lake Lanier and doing the whole "Nights of Lights"--*Polar Express was much better! ;) We spend most of Christmas Eve day driving to see family, but when we get home we always bake Santa some cookies to leave out w/ the milk. We read "The night before Christmas" and get into our special "new" Christmas pj's. We let the kids unwrap one gift from us. Christmas Eve is always so special! My favorite day I think! Then we spend most of the night helping out Santa...we are usually exhausted Christmas morning...but it's always SO worth it! My Mom and Step-dad are usually here by 9 on Christmas morning...we eat the best Christmas breakfast full of casseroles and fruit and play with the kids new toys while watching The Christmas Story over and over all day...we have so many other "little things" we do...but I will be here all day if I listed them all...Most importantly we make sure the kids know that Jesus is the reason for the season!!! Xoxo!

mEg said...

Jill, great blog! I'll have to send you mine too: it's christmas season related:

Here's our tradition, needing a revival because it got lost in the shuffle of young kids. On Christmas day or very soon after, we write down what we predict we think will happen in the coming year. Can include a guess on the price of gas, big news events (who will win the election?) and of course, things you think or hope will happen to your family. You seal them in envelopes and store them in your stockings to open the following Christmas day.

This is how my hubby proposed to me. After talking about his guesses of popular songs and something about my job, he predicted that when I looked up that he would be on his knees holding a ring. He predicted I would say yes. HE WAS RIGHT!

Lots of fun to do with extended family too....