Saturday, November 29, 2008

The sweetest words....

This past Sunday morning was a doozey. Starting off with the usual Sunday morning, rush, rush, rush. I get BOTH kids ready plus myself. Lem leisurely watches some ESPN and takes a 25 minute shower. (love you, darling)

I am less than thrilled as the kids and myself wait in the car for about 7 minutes for Lem to get in and drive us to church. My mind is "going there". I am mad, mad, mad, and trying to be patient. He finally gets in the driver's seat and I proceed to let out my best "huff". It was a rather convincing one, if i do say so myself.

We only have about a 6 minute drive to church, and it's pretty quiet for the first 2 minutes, because i am not ready to speak to Lem. Figuring that the silent treatment is probably the best anecdote since we are on our way to church, the kids are in the car, and it is only a short drive. I am still upset that A) we are running late and B) i got no help in the kids dept. with getting them ready. (still love you, darling)

Finally Joseph breaks the silence from the backseat...

Joseph: I know what I want for Christmas, Mommy and Daddy.

Me: (half listening) Okay, baby..what is it?

Joseph: I want to be baptized.

Lem and I look at each other. Tears are puddling my eyes, ready to brim over.

I look back at Joseph and say..

Me: That is so great, Joseph. Do you know what it means to be baptized?

Joseph begins to tell us the meaning and that he is ready to be closer to Jesus.

We talked for the rest of the 4 or so minutes to church about what it meant to be baptized.

My day changed in that instant. I was suddenly grateful and thankful for this day. Despite the rushing and the impatience, God was showing us what is truly important in our lives.

Fast forward to the following day, Monday November 24th at about 5:47 p.m......

The kids and are in the car waiting on Lem to arrive at the gym. Lem and I try to do a spinning class together at least once or twice a week when he gets off of work. It helps us have a little "together" time, albeit sitting and spinning on a bike with about 10 other people. Hey, it's still fun though!
So, here we are, sitting and waiting for Lem to get here, when Joseph says......

Joseph: Mommy, I want to ask Jesus to live in my heart today.

Me: You do? Today? Really??

Joseph: Yes ma'am. Right now.

Me: (stuttering and stammering).. Oh, okay...well, do you want me to pray a prayer with you?

Joseph: No, I want to say the prayer, Mommy.

Me: Sure, darling. When you are ready..go ahead baby.

Joseph begins the sweetest prayer a mommy will ever hear from the lips of her children.

After the prayer, Joseph is quiet for a few seconds. Then he thoughtfully says...

Joseph: Mommy, I feel really safe now.

Me: You do?

Joseph: Yes, i do. And mommy?..............................(he looks at me and then slowly looks out the window)...........I really want to tell everyone I know about Jesus. I want them to love Him like I do. I want them to feel safe like me. Is that okay? Can I just tell people about Him?

Me: (on the verge of being speechless)....Yes, baby. Yes. We all need to tell more people about Jesus. (softly and almost to myself).....Thank you for reminding me, darling.

Once again, God teaches me through my children. Oh, to see the world through a child's eyes. Isn't that the view we are supposed to have, anyway? Not embittered, or tarnished? Just complete purity and innocence?

Seeing the best in all people, and not only seeing the best, but WANTING the best for all people. Wow.....thank you again, ,Lord.
Staying on my toes as a mom, is so difficult at times. I never want to be the culprit of teaching my children bitterness, sarcasm, impatience, or judging others. Although, i know that many times they have seen this practice in me. Just praying for God to change my set ways is quite a challenge in itself.

Once again, I say, and will always say....being a mom is the hardest job in the universe. However, without a shadow of a doubt, I know that God uses this platform to mold me and cut away my many life-long thorns. Being a mom holds the mirror of my soul to my eyes, and shows me things that i may have never seen in the deep and dark places of my heart if not for being a mother. That mirror is hard to look at sometimes, but well worth the acknowledgement, if it causes me to prune away those ugly places, in order for my children to have a sweeter view in their own future soul mirrors.

a life-long pruner,


Mary said...

That's the most precious story ever! What a precious angel, Jill!!
I can only imagine how your heart was brimming and overflowing with joy and love. Please let us know when this momentous day comes, we'll want to be there!! :)
Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Finally, I now know the precious details of Joseph's endearing committment to open his heart and letting Jesus into his little being. Thanksgiving Day was one I'll never forget when I heard Joseph speak those words to our famiy. Through all the smacking, laughing and screaming to talk, his sweet voice will echo in the memory of my spirit and heart forever. I love you sooo much Joseph. Thank you for being born and being our grandson. Maw Maw

Rebekah Hudgins said...

This is the most incredible exchange I have ever heard. Joseph's little heart is a testament to his Savior and his wonderful parents. Chill bump city!

Love you so,

Tracey said...

That has to be the sweetest story! You and Lem are doing a fantastic job at raising him!! As I read this I had huge tears in my eyes.... I can just hear his sweet little voice saying these words!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

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