Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My unspoken hero....

~Tybee Island..2007~
~Anna-Joy, Royce, Dad and Presley Spring 2007~

~Father's Day 2008~ ~Easter 2007~
~Easter 2006~


~Mom and Dad's wedding Day...February 15, 1969~

Thank you, Dad for so bravely serving our country. I can't imagine being drafted for service at the tender age of 19. You make us so very proud! May we never take the sacrifices of our veteran's for granted. God bless America.

Happy Veteran's Day, Daddy!!

smiling with pride,



Tracey said...

I love these pictures of you and your dad!
I appreciate your dads service for our country!

Rebekah Hudgins said...

I remain in awe of our faithful veterans. Because of them, we maintain so many privileges and the honor to be free. Please thank your dad for keeping us safe.

It is wonderful to have a day to acknowledge their heroism.

All my love,

Mary said...

How neat!! I love your Dad and am so grateful for the service and sacrifices they made to ensure our safety. True heroes!! Give him a kiss for me, sweet "tallgood"

Anonymous said...

jilly, i had a good belly laugh at your wrinkle section!!!! tweedle dee i can show you some wrinkles and stone mountain bulges...hee hee. you are the fairest in the land my pretty so there....the truth is out. only your lovely mom