Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday Night Lights.....

~Jordan and Amberlee...circa 1997...~

~Mom and Me showing our Titan spirit!~

~Amberlee, Angela, Jordan and Lee after a game~ ~Dad congratulating Jordan after the game~

~Dad, Mom and Lem~

~That's our boy..Number 67!!!~

This past Friday night, my nephew, Jordan, made history by playing in his high school's first ever football playoff game!! Jordan is a senior at North Oconee High School. He plays offensive line, and is a superb player! Biased, I am not. Just honest. :)

Anyway, they won this first play off game and will play Buford High School next Friday night!! Buford is ranked number one..and a really good team. They are picked to win, because Buford is a private school and has a pretty stacked team.

After Jordan's win on Friday, his coach gave an amazing speech about David and Goliath. Referring of course to the game against Buford next week. We (meaning parents and friends) were all privy to hear this speech because we were on the field surrounding the players after the game. The coach then proceeded to give the players a little knapsack with a small stone tied inside of it. It had the verses from the Bible regarding David and Goliath. It was like something out of the "Facing the Giants" movie. I had shivers up and down my spine listening to this Christian coach speaking encouragement from God's Word at a public high school football game!

To really put the proverbial cherry on top of all of this, after the speech, the WHOLE team bowed their sweet heads and prayed the Lord's Prayer. I stood in awe and wonderment of this beautiful sight. Young men, sweaty and tired from playing their hearts out on the field, coming together for prayer and thanksgiving. It was truly unforgettable.

I am so proud of my nephew and the young man he has become. My eyes sting with tears thinking of watching him grow up so quickly. Lem and I would be overjoyed if our children turn out as respectful, loving and God-fearing as he has matured to be. My sister and brother-in-law have done an excellent job rearing him. Bravo to them!!

Meanwhile, Friday night cannot get here fast enough!!

GOOOOOO TITANS!!!!!! May God be with your team and protect all of you the remainder of your season.

sporting a sore throat from the excitement,


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Mary said...

What a wonderful, supportive Aunt you are!!! I know Jordan feels really blessed to have such huge fans in you guys! :)
Go Titans!!! Beat Buford - - I'm going to pick up a bullhorn to assist your voice.
Cheering them on,