Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Little Princess turns Four.......

~Our baby girl, Presley Jane Hill, sent straight down to us from heaven on December 1st, 2004~

~Presley 9 mos. old~

~Presley striking a pose in her little hat~

~First Day of 3 yr. old Pre-K~

~Riding her bike~

~So happy about starting Pre-K~

~Our little One year old Princess~

~3 generations...~

~Presley and Mommy Jane planting Presley's first flower garden...Oct. 2008~

~Our Princess loves to cook!!!!~

Presley Jane is turning Four today!!! Happy, Happy Birthday, Princess Presley!!

Here are some things about you from the past year...
~you learned your alphabet
~you can spell and write your name
~ you learned to ride a bike with training wheels~
~you love riding your scooter, too
~your favorite food is spaghetti...(just like your mommy!)
~you say, "actually", a lot
~anna-joy is your best friend
~you LOVE hannah montana
~you absolutely love to sing and dance
~you want to be a mommy and a cheerleader when you grow that order.
~your best friends at pre-school are micah, sara, and annabell
~you started ballet at conyers school of ballet
~you decided that gymnastics wasn't for you
~you took swimming lessons this year
~your daddy is probably your favorite person in the whole world
~you started Puggles at church, and loved it
~you don't like milk very much, or chocolate milk
~ you love potato chips!!!! the round, yellow plain kind
~you love picnics outside
~you planted your very first flowers with mommy jane this fall!
~you learned to clean your room and you do it very well
~you love arts and crafts
~you are always coloring, drawing, cutting, punching holes in paper
~you learned your life verse this year
~you love helping mommy in the kitchen..your favorite thing is baking
~you love mommy's strawberry cake cookies
~you love being bare-footed and being outside
~you love helping daddy in the yard

These are just a few of the many things that have summed up your year of being 3 years old. Now you are 4, and I can only imagine the new adventures we will embark on with you. We love you so much, sweet girl. You bring joy, unspeakable, to our hearts and lives.

thanking God for you today and everyday,


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Rebekah Hudgins said...

What a beautiful girl! I remember visiting you when she was born at DeKalb Medical. You were so ready to usher pink into your life. I will never forget your blissful, knowing, glowing smiles that day. The smile of a new mother.

Presley is such a little Presley. Isn't she?

A precious, blessed little lady to be exactly where she is and who she is. God bless her to walk in His path.

Love you!!