Wednesday, November 12, 2008


as i look in the mirror, i see the places on my face.
age spots, wrinkles, is this aging with grace??
how can i be seeing these things that weren't there last night,
if i say so myself, it just isn't right!

before i have time to fret, in walks presley and she is soaking wet.
what?? where?? what happened, i say..
oh, mommy i turned the hose on outside and it gave me a big spray.
let's change your clothes, NO, NOW..NOW...LET'S GO!
as i walk out i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror again,
is that a bulge above my jeans..OH NO!!

as we change her clothes and get her dry,
i have forgotten all my flaws in the blink of an eye.
is she okay? hope she doesn't catch a cold..does she need a bath?
i need to get the house cleaned..or atleast make a path!

joseph walks in looking up from his book.....
oh no! what has presley done now?? he sums it up with just one look.
i love you mommy i hear him say,
as if he is trying to take my burdens away.

he saw it, the tears in my eyes, the tenseness in my tone,
i am fine, joseph..go on, leave mommy alone.
get back to your book, i will be fine...don't worry about me, i will be alright..
he says okay, and leaves the site.

presley is all dry, the house is picked up clean,
i remember again...the new wrinkles that i had seen.
back to me comes the fret of growing old,
the shiver down my spine, like a wrenching cold.

dinner is in the oven,
lem comes home and starts his sweet lovin'.
kisses all around..daddy is home!
mommy is a mess, her hair has not seen a comb.

embarrassed by my appearance, i say..
"hey, was your day?"

he looks at me with eyes that seem to see something that is not there..
'honey, you are so beautiful ..i can't help but stare."
i laugh and say, are you feeling okay?
he nods and says it's been a great day!

poor fellow...he is blind and cannot see, he may need glasses,
off to the doctor for he!

the kids are now in bed, and i finally lay down my weary head.
a kiss on the cheek from my precious beau,
and off to dreamland i finally go.

i dream of a nip here and a tuck there, and what about my graying hair??

the kids come in my bed and pounce on me, it's early..but i don't mind...
it's time for breakfast, mommy....get up..get up..get to the grind!

as the day wears on, i think back to my face, the lines and the age spots....
creams cannot erase.

i smile as i remember what my love had told me at dinner...
he loves me anyway..whether fatter or thinner.

i take the scissors and give joseph's bangs a little nip....

meanwhile presley's hair falls into her eyes as she is standing near..
i take my free hand and gently tuck it behind her ear.
this is my life..the ups and the downs...
my nips and tucks will never cease to abound.

the life of a mom, i would never trade..
even for these dreadful lines to fade.



Mary said...

Look at you - I had forgotten your poetic skills. Thanks for blessing me with them again!!!!!!! :) It's this kind of thing that keeps me going - there we all go, shoulder to shoulder forging through this together. I love it!! Thanks for perspective!

Tracey said...

I had no idea you were a poet.. I loved every word! I thinks those things all the time... when did i get so old? I have a post that says some of the same things but i haven't finished it yet....

love you,

Laurie from GA said...

I've been having lots of those days, lately! What perfect prose! ;-)

The Parkers said...

Beautiful words, beautiful lady.

Michelle Chapman said...

Awe Jill...I am just now getting updated on the blog world...I have been neglecting it in my busy life here lately, and you truly have a gift of writing! This was awesome! Your VERY inspiring! :) And you have not a wrinkle on your face, you beautiful woman you!

Much LOVE!