Friday, November 21, 2008

The Simple Life....

“The simplest things are often the truest.”~Richard Bach

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" ~Leonardo da Vinci

In case my FaceBook friends and Myspace friends were wondering..i have deactivated my accounts. It was fun while it lasted, but i think i will just stick to emailing and blogging.

I know, I know, just get me a horse and buggy and put me on a prairie. My days of high tech, information overload has ended. I am even beginning to despise my cell phone. Maybe I would have been better suited in the 1800's where things were much simpler. Yes, people worked a lot harder, but by golly things were simple!! **On the other hand, i DO love my digital camera and my flat iron!! **

No wonder my all time favorite t.v. show is and always will be Little House on the Prairie. I had the biggest crush on Charles, the father. He was so manly and handsome! And I could always relate to Laura...having a beautiful, older sister and feeling like an ugly duckling compared to her. Buck teeth and all! Then of course, there is Nellie Olson. I always kiddingly tell my sister that I should have named Presley, "Nellie". I know that sounds horrible, but she really does have very "Nellie" days at time.**see yesterday's post ;)**

Maybe since moving out here in the way out yonder, i have adapted some simpler, "little house-ish" philosophies on life?? I began to find the whole social networking arena, a little....ummm...well just a little too much info. It just became kind of information overload. I think some things are better left ambiguous and enigmatic. Ironic, coming from a blogging mom, i guess.

*Please somebody come to my rescue if i start talking homeschooling, or wanting to buy live stock. *

In the meantime, i figured that those who are my friends, not just cyber friends, know where to find me.

learning that less is more,

laura ingalls wilder ;)


Michelle Chapman said... know this is SO me! I was meant to live in the "Praire Days" :) And I absolutely ADORE that show! It gives me the best feeling! I honestly would be just fine living in complete isolation w/ nothing around!

Jill, you have to help give me some pointers on how you stay so "Grammer worthy" being a Stay-at-home Mom! My brain is just gone and I feel like I can barely spell or punctuate correctly anymore...when I write a blog I feel like it's a complete mess! I do everything SO fast and don't take the time to care or proof-read! Grammer 101?

Melinda Williams Moore said...

I've been considering shutting down my Facebook account, too, lately! It was so fun at first, but then after awhile, it is just one more thing to keep up with - like you, I think I'd rather blog and keep up with emails, and let Facebook slide by the wayside.

Mary said...

Amen, sister. :) I'll come to your prairie church any day!!!
I completely agree - it's TMI, I've always said that.
Maybe you'll start a new wave of FB Anonymous. :)
Love you!!!

Rebecca said...

I came looking for your blog (which I remembered because it was catchy) because I missed your clever and sweet status updates on Facebook. Glad to see all is well. Happy Birthday to Presley!

Your blog is awesome. I used to keep up with mine more, but I have given up. But there are so many lessons from kids. And it is reassuring to see that someone else had the same Sunday morning I did (frustration followed by perfect little thoughts from the backseat).