Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Needles in Haystacks.....

~Well, all we need is a pitch fork and we have the famous American Gothic portrait featured above. ~

This blog is dedicated to all of us mothers that go through living heck to get the perfect Christmas card photo to send to all of our wonderful friends and family members. You know, the friends and family members who only see our children once a year, by Christmas card. We want to show them how much our little ones have grown, how cute they are, and what expertise we have multi-tasking a camera and our small children. Little do they know the sheer labor of love this undertaking becomes. Sweaty children, due to the velvet dresses and cotton sweaters with a collared shirt underneath, that we stuff them in for these pictures. Panty hose, tight shoes, the perfect ribbons for the girls, the perfectly placed tousle of hair for the boys, the precise location in front of the tree where they must sit...and on and on, and on.

Meanwhile, mommy is in her sweat pants, ponytail, and "no fun intended mood". This is serious business for us mommies. No laughing, no playing, no NOTHING. Just sit, look cute, and smile. And for heaven's sake, smile naturally, and don't squint your eyes!!

No wonder my kids hate this day of the year.

Here's to you, fellow mommies...this laugh is on me.

Christmas 2006

~too blurry, and Joseph is not smiling, not even a hint.
~okay, not making the cut. Joseph, tone down the smile!~

~okay, don't tell me you have never bribed your little ones with a sucker!!~

~I WANT MY SUCKER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

~Okay, a candy cane will do.~

~please HURRY MOMMY!!!

~Mommy, Joseph is TOUCHING ME!!!!~

I have thousands more from this day, but I think you get the "picture". ;)

**Oh, and don't worry, there was one, yes one...that made the cut. I will post that one at a later date.**

Stay tuned for 2007 bloopers and blunders pics!!

desperately seeking a perfect picture,



Danielle said...

I think you may be one of my most favorite just have a way with words! I love it!! (and I love that you always sign off with some cute saying) Can you blog for me too? ;)

And by the way...your Christmas card always looks great! You would never know you had to take all those pictures. This is my first year with this task...50 photos and I finally found one I liked! haha

xoxo D

The Hill Family said...

i can't wait to get a Christmas card from my favorite little baby boy in the whole world!! i will be on pins and needles until then, danielle!!