Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reflections from my coffee cup.....

~counting my blessings~

As I sit at my computer this morning, and i do mean is only 7:30 am, I am reflecting on my Lord. Mornings are my special gifts from God and always have been. God knows how I yearn for Him and long for him at this time. The rest of my day is usually filled with preoccupation and distraction. He knows that my mornings allow me to give Him my full attention and devotion. I am not proud that the rest of my day is not filled with the same longing and yearning, but I am working on that part!

There are certain days when I am truly overwhelmed by His glory and His grace. I feel like falling on my face and balling my eyes out before Him. I really cannot imagine what He must see in me. Coming before Him is humbling and eye opening. I am constantly blinded by the light He offers and for a few moments I feel the sting of His purity on my sinful heart. He knows me to the core of my soul. Before I utter a word, He knows what is on the tip of my tongue. Every time I look at my children, I can get a glimpse of how He must feel about me. The love He offers to me without warrant is insurmountable. How I so want everyone on this planet to know the love that He offers, the forgiveness he so openly extends. It is kind of like when you fall in love with someone and you just are so over the moon that you want everyone else to feel the same way. In a way, it is a lot like this for me. I want so much for the people that I meet or see while running my mundane errands to know God's love for them. To know that they too are the apple of His eye. Perhaps this is what He purposely lies on our hearts so that the cold and bitter bite of complacency doesn't settle within us.

My Aunt Debbie told me that her preacher asked them to pay it forward sometime...for example.... consider purchasing the person's meal behind you in a drive-thru sometime and leaving them a card with the cashier telling them that Jesus loves them. This struck a chord in me, for one because we are constantly in a drive-thru, and two, what an easy way to spread the gospel by a simple act of giving to someone. Witnessing to others doesn't exactly come easy to me, but this I can do!! I am so excited to try this and hope others will too! Even if it is just at Starbucks, what a blessing we could be to others! As small as it seems, it only takes a mustard seed for God to work in the hearts of others.

God bless the souls who travel to foreign countries where Christianity is less than popular, to minister to hurting and lost souls. I cannot imagine the courage and unwavering resolve these men and women must have to endure the hardship of criticism. How nice we have it here, safe in our own little worlds in our own little churches.

Sometimes I just have to sit and take it all in. The magnitude of His faithfulness and truth. Today is one of those days for me. Just a day of reflection, in awe of His sovereignty.


Michelle Chapman said...

Jill, I'm in tears! This hit home for me b/c I'm always trying so desperately to find ways to witness to people. I am SO not good at it...I feel lost for words when the opportunity arrises! Our preacher preached on reaching out to lost ones last Sunday and I made a promise to myself that I will get better about it! I have decided to visit Nursing Homes at least once a month and witness to those precious older ones that don't have much time left to make things right with the Lord. I, for some reason have always had a calling to do this at Nursing Homes. I have a very soft heart for the older generation ;)

Praying for all those that are lost...

Tracey said...

Love the pictures!
This summer while driving through the mid-west I found a Christian radio station and they were actually having a day where you pay for the person behind you.... I think that's what they called it... Pay for the person behind you day! Since then I have thought of printing out scripture on cards and just keeping them in the car with me and doing this exact thing..... what an easy thing to do but I haven't done it yet.

I have a friend that does the same consignment sale that I do. On the clothes that she doesn't feel like anyone would buy, she writes scripture on them and also puts that they are free.... what a witness... not only is she spreading God's word but she is showing kindness!!!

I'm going to make it a goal of mine.

Tracey said...

I went searching for the radio station that did this and found this... not sure if it is the same one I heard or not but this is what they did......

Mary said...

That's so good, Jill! How different this world would be if we all looked at the people around us as "the apple of His eye" instead of just thinking it, actually saying, "do you know that Jesus loves you"? I sometimes get the courage to ask the clerk at the gas station and sometimes I don't but if we actually spread that love that we feel we'd be making a differnce.
May we all be encouraged to after reading this God-prompt. Thank u!! :)

Rebekah Hudgins said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? "I love you!"