Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tried and True Part Two...

~Sulfate FREE shampoo~

~Collette recommends these for school lunches, you don't have to keep them cold..brilliant!! (and healthy!~ ~Collette's recommendation....LOVE this stuff, the one on the far left squirts! Besides using it on my floor, i squirt some on a cloth and go to town smells so fresh!~

~here is the comes in colors..i have only tried the clear and the platinum to champagne colors and was very happy with results from both of them.~

I am dying to hear more of your ideas and products that you all love!! I thought of another thing that us color treated girls MUST have for our delicate locks...SULFATE FREE shampoo. In the past you could only find these at expensive salons , ( see picture above of Pureology brand) but they now can be found at health food stores and grocery stores. I found my current shampoo at INGLES! The name of it is Naked Naturals and the type that I have is for color-treated hair. It is very easy on my hair and will not strip the color like shampoo with sulfates..commonly known as sodium laureth sulfates. Go check your shampoo bottles now, I guarantee you that ingredient is in there. Sulfate is a detergent that will actually strip the cuticle of the color and ruin your freshly colored locks. The same ingredient you will find in your laundry detergent! Yuck!

Off my "soap box" about shampoo. Ha...i love puns.


Rebekah Hudgins said...

Great ideas, Jill. I gave you a shout out on my similarly themed post!

Happy Tuesday!

Melinda Williams Moore said...

I, too, love Pureology. About five years ago (when I was still frequenting Buckhead salons), my stylist recommended it for my colored hair. Imagine my joy (like yours!) when I discovered it in the aisles of Target recently! In an echo of Bek, I'll be doing a post on this tomorrow. I love it!

You are too adorable - anything you recommend, I'm pretty sure I'll like.

Michelle Chapman said...

JILL! I LOVE this blog! I have to say Pureology is by far my fav shampoo! I'm out at the moment :( I am using Bumble and Bumble right now, but VERY pricey! But, it's great to keep color lasting, but I still think Pureology is better (and a better price:) I will have to think of some things and blog. My life is total choas at the moment...too many things going on at once :) Love!

Laurie from GA said...

O.K., I want to buy some of the glaze and the sulfate free shampoo! More tips, more, more!

LoriGriffin said...

ok, i've never ever put anything on my hair at home - colorwise - which one of those 2 colors would you think i should get? i'm so light (and GREY!!) that i've always just gotten highlights twice a year....wouldn't mind a boost in between. any suggestions?
p.s - i read your blogs're an awesome writer plus you really have a lot to say! love you, girl! (ok, and your sister too!!)